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He Takes His Severely Sick Mom’s Hand. But Everyone At The Wedding Cries When They Hear The Music.

Luke’s mom suffers from the terrible disease ALS and is depending on her wheelchair. The outcome of the disease often goes fast and persons who suffer from ALS tragically pass away from two to four years after hit by the disease, but some live for more than four years.

Before Luke’s beloved mother passed away, she attended his wedding and that’s when this touching moment was captured. Luke and his mom dances to Mariah Careys hit song “Hero”. The bride, Kristeena, posted this video on Youtube and wrote: “This was probably the most touching moment I have ever witnessed.” It’s hard not to agree with her.

When Luke comforts and dances with his sick mother it’s such a heartwarming declaration of love. This reminds me how important it is to treasure every moment with your family. You only have one mom, and give her all the love you can, because one day it’s too late. If you agree with this and have a minute, you can share this. Nothing is more important than family!

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