In 1988 Triplets Were Burnt In A Fire. 27 Years Later This Photo Shows Just What Sisterly Love Can Do.

Triplets Trae, Jordan and Chandra Berns was involved in a tragic accident when they were little. Thanks to their strong bond, they surpassed tremendous challenges, both physical and mental. Here is their full, moving story of hope and courage.

On September 21, 1988 identical triplets Trae, Jordan and Chandra Berns slept peacefully in their cribs when a fire suddenly caught in their home.

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The fire spread rapidly and their 27-year-old mother Patti tragically died following severe smoke inhalation.

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The triplets however, miraculously survived, although doctors predicted a very long and painful recovery process and couldn’t be certain of their survival, especially in the first few days. They had third-degree burns on over one third of their bodies, and spent weeks in the hospital.

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But the girls’ tremendous bond certainly helped them recover after the severe accident.

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The girls not only had daunting physical challenges and pains to deal with, they suffered a large amount of psychological trauma following the fire, and naturally, losing their mother, before having ever truly known her. Luckily, they had each other and were always there to support one another when things got tough.

As they grew older, they struggled with low self-esteem and did not openly exposing their arms as they did not dare show their scars. They wore very heavy makeup to conceal the deep scars on their faces and found it hard to meet guys because they were ashamed of their bodies.

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Over time the girls gained confidence as they continued to support each other. They underwent several laser treatments and became stronger and stronger mentally. The middle triplet gradually married and they have started the charity association “Three for Hope” to help other young burn victims.

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Such strength! I wish them all the best and hope that their courage can inspire others who have also suffered burns.


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Here’s the triplets full story, split into three parts.

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

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