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Man gets evicted from his home – then stuns a reporter when he reveals his identity

Your home is a place where you should feel safe, and I can’t imagine being kicked out of mine. But that was exactly what happened to Titus Blade Steel when he was evicted from his apartment.

When Titus was forced to sell everything he owned on the lawn outside his old apartment, a reoprter showed up and realized there was something special about him.

And just weeks after Titus’ story was made public, something exciting happened – something that changed his life.

Sixty-nine-year-old Titus Blade Steel lived in the same apartment for 10 years. But then, he got into a dispute with his landlord and had to go to court.

In the end, the judge sided with the landlord and Titus was evicted.

But Titus wasn’t the only one thrown out of the building that day. Titus shared his home with more than 20 homeless cats that he took in from the street, something he says he did as a way to pay back society for helping him over the years.

And Titus’ cats would’ve also been back on the streets, if weren’t for an animal shelter in Memphis that agreed to take them all in.

Image Source: Screenshot/WREG Memphis

Without nowhere to put his belongings, Titus was also forced to sell almost everything he owned.

Titus set up shop on the front lawn of his former residence and selling his stuff.

During the sale, a reporter from WREG Memphis stopped by. And when Titus showed her a few old newspaper articles that he had saved, the reporter realized that the man standing in front of her was special.

Image Source: Screenshot/WREG Memphis

The newspaper clippings portrayed Titus as a talented artist and revealed his work as a volunteer. The reporter decided to do a story about Titus — and just days later, several people from his past saw it. They realized that they needed to do something.

Image Source: Screenshot/WREG Memphis

After the story ran, WREG Memphis received a deluge of email and comments from people who used to know Titus and wanted to help. They told the station that Titus wasn’t just anyone. He had a story that people needed to hear.

Titus’ schoolmates from Memphis Technical High School mentioned that he was one of the first African-American students to ever attended the school — calling him a “pioneer in the school system.”

Image Source: Screenshot/WREG Memphis

Titus was remembered fondly by his classmates for his courage, talent, and bright personality.

“With your warm and cheerful smile, you broke down barriers and made friends that will last a lifetime,” one of his classmates wrote, according to WREG Memphis.

Image Source: Screenshot/WREG Memphis

A month after Titus’ story went public, WREG Memphis decided to check up on him. It turned out that Titus had moved in with his sister.

One of Titus’s old classmates joined the camera crew to greet him, and she presented him with a gift of $1,000 that she and some of Titus’ pther former classsmates had gathered.

“It’s generous and I feel like I could cry,” Titus said.

Image Source: Screenshot/WREG Memphis

Soon, Titus reconnected with more of his high school classmates, and days later, they had a wonderful reunion.

Titus hopes that in the future he can start his own cat shelter, where he’ll foster cats before they’re adopted into forever homes.

Titus seems like an extremely kind soul who deserves all the best in life. I hope his dreams come true. I’m so glad he reconnected with his high school friends, and I’m touched that they pooled together money to help their old friend get a second chance in life.

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