Mom forced to give up her son for adoption – 18 years later, daughter points behind her and says 'turn around'

Mom forced to give up her son for adoption – 18 years later, daughter points behind her and says ‘turn around’

18 years ago, Tammy Oswalt from Florida, USA, found herself in an impossible situation. She was on her way to becoming homeless with her two daughters, and her boyfriend left her.

Just as everything was crumbling around her, she discovered she was pregnant.

Tammy was faced with an unbelievably tough decision. She couldn’t take care of another — it would risk the whole family ending up on the street. The father wasn’t interested in taking on the child, either.

In the end, she saw no other way out than to give the child in her belly up for adoption.

She really wanted to keep the child, but knew he would have it better in a family with a more secure environment and stable finances.

“A mother doesn’t just give away her child like it was a sack of potatoes,” she tells, and continues:

“All I could give him was love, and sometimes that’s not enough. I was forced to make this decision simply because I loved him.”

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Tammy wanted to give her son a secure upbringing with parents that could give him everything she couldn’t.

However, she was never completely sure whether that was the right decision. For 18 years, she wondered how it would have been if she had kept her son. She got a few small updates from the adoptive family in the beginning, and knew that he was doing well. But that nagging sense of guilt and grief never disappeared.

She explains that it got so bad that she once tried to take her own life.

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Beautiful Reunions

But time went on and Tammy eventually managed to get her life together. Today her daughters are grown, and the son she gave up for adoption turned 18 years old. His adopted parents named him Dylan Rich.

One day, to coincide with Dylan’s birthday, one of her daughters decided to give her the surprise of her life.

A few months earlier Dylan had contacted the daughter after finding her phone number on the internet. He wanted to find out more about his biological family, but wasn’t ready to meet his mom yet. The daughter never told Tammy that she’d talked to her brother, and waited instead until he felt ready.

But on Tammy’s birthday, the siblings decided to surprise her. The daughter took her mom to a café where Dylan was waiting.

The daughter picked up her phone and filmed her mom on the other side of the table. She then told her that her son was standing behind her.

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The mom’s emotional reaction when she finally gets to meet her son really pulls at your heart strings.

“I feel complete now. Now I have everything I ever wanted. Family is the only thing that matter,” Tammy says after meeting her son.

You can see the video of their first meeting below.

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I was so moved by this. I hope that mother and son can now have a relationship with each other even though Dylan is grown. Don’t forget to share this moving reunion with your friends!

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