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Mom photographs dying daughter – then gets shocked when she sees what’s hiding in the picture

No parents should ever have to survive their child. But that was unfortunately the tragic case for Sarah Danbury from Lincolnshire, England. The mother of three was forced to bury her 19-year-old daughter after the young lady lost her fight against cancer.

Just weeks before her daughter death, Sarah photographed her daughter in her hospital bed.

Now, that image is spreading across the world. Here’s why.

Amy was just 19 when she was hit by an aggressive and deadly form of liver cancer. Despite the devastating news, Amy plpuged on and dedicated her final months to her family. She attended her mother’s wedding and supported her grandfather, who was also suffering from cancer.

“She was such a brave girl. She was not the kind of person who just sat down and cried, she was strong and a real fighter,” mother Sarah told the Daily Mail.

Bild: Facebook

Amy’s grandfather died in March last year. Meanwhile, Amy continued to struggle against her disease.

But the cancer would eventually get the better of her. In September, Sarah photographed her daughter while they were in the hospital for treatment. It would be one of the last photographs she had of her daughter. But when she later took a closer look at the picture, she discovered something strange on the wall behind Amy.

The reflection from the light seemed to be shaped just like the silhouette of an angel.

“It’s my guardian angel,” said Amy when she saw the photo.

Bild: Facebook

Just three weeks later, Amy died.

The picture of Amy and her mother was later posted online and has been featured all over social media. Every time Sarah looks at the picture, she can’t help but think that Amy’s grandfather was watching over her that day – and waiting to lead her to the other side.

I was so very moved by this story. Do you think that it was an angel watching over Amy that day in her hospital bed? Please share this article if you also were touched. 

Rest in peace Amy.

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