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She’s 17, New Mom And Know She’s Dying. Now Millions Are Touched By Her Love To Their Unborn Child.

Jennifer Michelle Lake is a regular teenager from Pocatello, Idaho, in the United States. The decisions Jenny’s facing are inhuman. Especially if you’re 17 years old. This is a story about unconditional love, but also on how unfair life can be.

Jennifer is a regular teenager. She hangs out with her friends and have dreams about the future, just like anyone else in her age. But Jennifer’s life is about to change.


Jennifer begins to experience heavy headache and is forced to see her doctor. When she had this pain for several days both Jennifer and her family thought that something was wrong.
The doctors words were brutal. At an examination, they discovered a big lump in her brain and Jennifer is diagnosed with cancer.


If Jennifer’s gonna survive she has to go through chemotherapy.


The time after she is diagnosed, everyone close to her is in shock. But everyone supports Jennifer with unconditional love.


Then, Jennifer got some more news. News that would make most of us feel absolutely wonderful. When everything is completely dark, Jennifer and her boyfriend Nathan finds out something that will change everything. Jennifer is pregnant.


Jennifer is, of course, overjoyed with the pregnancy, but it also means that she has to face the toughest decision she will ever face.
Her child will die if she continues with the chemotherapy. If Jennifer stops the treatment there is no chance for her to survive.


Jennifer follows her heart. She stops the chemotherapy and give birth to little Chad Micheal, nine months later.


Six days after delivery, Jennifer leaves the hospital and goes home. The only thing she wants to do is spending time with her son in her own home. Right after Chad Michael was delivered Jennifer took the midwife’s hand and whispered: “I did it. I did my duty.”


When Jennifer passes away, 21th of November 2011, 12 days after delivery, little Chad lays in her arms.


The love that Jennifer and every mother feel for their kids are unbelievable. In her case it was so powerful she choosed to sacrifice her own life.


Chad will grow up knowing his mother’s always there with him. Jennifer Lake will always be by her son’s side.


Jennifer Lakes story has moved hundreds and thousands of people’s hearts. They followed her destiny and battle through blogs and social media. At this Facebook page, Jenni´s Journey, you can read more about her life and also send your thoughts to her family.

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