Girl is dumped in trash and gets nose bitten off – then doctors give her free surgery

“I think love is the most important thing, so I try to spread more of it.”

The statement comes from Kristen Williams, a teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio, who has a heart bigger than most.

Kristen has adopted two little girls from India. The girls had previously endured traumas no one should ever have to experience.

But under their new mother’s loving and confident parenting, the young girls received every chance to blossom into confident, young women with bright futures.

But let’s start from the beginning.

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Kristen Williams was never interested in getting married – but also rejected the idea that single parents could not successfully raise children of their own.

After deciding she wanted to be a parent, she fought long and hard through long and complicated adoption procedures.

Kristen began looking at Indian children – and found herself heartbroken as she scrolled through photo after photo of young Indian children who needed a home.

Her eyes finally rested on the face of a 5-year-old girl named Munni. When she saw Munni’s face, her heart was filled with love and compassion for the little girl.

“I immediately felt a strong attraction to this little girl,” Kristen says. “I do not know what it was, but I felt there was a band. I just knew she was my daughter, I felt that we had to be together and that got the ball rolling.”

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After working hard to raise sufficient funds, going through long information sessions, and completing page after page of tedious paperwork, Munni finally came home to Kristen in 2013.

Like many adopted children with tough upbringings, Munni was shy and reserved at first. She had multiple visible scars on her head and face, but also emotional scars in her heart.

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Later that same year, Kristen saw another photo of a little girl from the adoption agency in India.

The child had literally been dumped in the trash garbage by her parents. The Indian police fortunately found the child in time for her life to be saved – unfortunately, the same cannot be said about her nose.

A large part of her nose had been bitten off- most likely by insects or street dogs.  

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The girl, named Roopa, had been living at an Indian orphanage for a while. No one wanted to adopt her because of the damage to her face.

But Kristen immediately knew that this girl also belonged in her family.

“At first glance, I realized that it was intended that I would take care of her, she would be my daughter,” Kristen told Times of India. “Just like any other child, she deserves a family that she can call her own. In my eyes, she is the most beautiful thing.”

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Munni and Roopa eventually became best friends, and began to adjust to their new life in the United States.

But when popular TV show “The Doctors” got wind of this incredible family history, they felt compelled to help.

“The Doctors” arranged for Roopa and Munni to meet highly qualified and skilled surgeons, to help the sisters to heal – both on the outside and inside.

The doctors then removed several of Munni’s physical scars – and then gave Roopa a brand new nose. Kristen is confident that her girls’ physical transformations are a step in the right direction for them to leave their past behind and focus on the future.

The powerful video below reveals how the sisters look today.

How adorable and sweet are Munni and Roopa!

I really wish this family all the best for the future and a big thumbs up to Kristen who truly has a heart of gold – share this story if you think she deserves recognition for her great compassion and love!

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