‘Home Town’ star Ben Napier shows off ‘hardcore’ weight loss transformation

Ben Napier of HGTV’s Home Town has never felt better!

On Monday, Ben’s wife and co-host, Erin Napier, took to Instagram to share a sweet message about her husband’s dedication to his health and wellness this past year.

“[He] hardcore about his health and fitness last winter ahead of his big shoulder surgery that was in march so he could sleep better on his back and lower his BP. mission accomplished.”

Meanwhile, Ben suggested his real motivation was something else entirely.

“What ya think, @people? Can I make the top 50 again? 😏 That’s my real motivation,” he commented on his wife’s video.

Not only did the surgery inspire him to lose weight, but as he told Today in 2019, so did his children.

He said after the couple’s daughter Helen was born in 2018 things changed, and he wanted to make sure he was there for his daughter and wife as long as possible.

“Bringing Helen home and getting to experience those first few weeks with her and seeing how fast things change with children, it got my attention. She was different every day, and I want to experience as much of her life as possible. I want a long life so I can be there for Erin and Helen.”

Ben and Erin welcomed their second daughter Mae in 2021.

Ben even noticed other previous ailments healing.

“The most rewarding part was my body feeling better. I hurt my ankle really badly a few years ago. It’s a nagging pain that was bothering me every day. After losing the weight, it doesn’t bother me as much. Little things like that have been incredible,” he said.

Ben has admitted to coming from “a long line of big men who don’t really discuss their health until it’s an issue,” and he wanted to be the first to get ahead of the curve by losing weight.

“I’ve got two daughters, one on the way,” he shared on an episode of Home Town that aired before his second daughter’s arrival. “I am getting older. I’m trying to take a little bit better care of myself.”


Kudos to Ben for working on his health. Keep up the great work!