This DIY Cleaner Makes Washing The Sink Much, Much Easier.

Scrubbing a dirty sink is never fun. And until now, no matter what store-bought cleaning product I used to clean my sink, I’ve always had to work hard to get it completely clean. But that all changed when I found this simple “recipe” on DIY Confessions. And the fact that I already had all of the ingredients in this mixture in my kitchen only made it even better. Since, I’m sure I’m not alone in my aversion to cleaning my kitchen sink, I thought I’d share this here, too. All you need is a spray bottle and a few ingredients. And once you mix them together, you’ll never have to agonize over a dirty sink again. Check it out below!

This is what we’re dealing with…


Now, you’re ready to scrub!


Fill up the rest with dish detergent and shake. Then, let the mixture sit for half an hour.


Add about four tablespoons of lemon juice.


Fill the spray bottle about halfway up with white vinegar.


All you need are dish detergent, white vinegar, and a little lemon juice.

photo8 (2)

As you can see, the sink is now super clean! I just have to try this. (Source and photos here.)

If you’re as excited to try this DIY cleaner as I am, please share!

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