With Only Two Common Ingredients, He Cleans His Grill In A Matter Of Seconds.

Prepping your grill for barbecue season can be a bit tricky when it’s covered in last year’s grease. But the grill masters among us know some clever tricks to make cleaning your grill a bit easier. One cool trick is to rub a raw potato on your pre-heated grill. Within seconds, the surface of your grill will be non-stick and you’ll stop burning the bottom of your meat. But sometimes your barbecue calls for a deeper cleaning. So therefore, I thought I’d share this tip that’s worked well for me a bunch of times. You don’t need any strong chemicals or detergents. All you need are baking soda and warm water. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl, brush the mixture onto your grill, and scrub away any old food particles and debris that’s become caked onto your grill. In minutes, your grill will be like new. For full instructions, see below!

As if the barbecue trick wasn’t enough, here are nine more why everyone should keep baking soda at home. (The BBQ trick starts at the 2:50 minute mark.)

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