Your nail shape can reveal details about your personality

Everyone’s nails are different than the other’s. Some are long and round, others short and square.

But despite that all nail forms are ultimately unique, there are seven general types out there.

But did you know that the shape of your nail can reveal details about your personality and character? According to this fun test, they do!

I don’t buy this as truly scientific, but it was shocking how well it applied to my nail shape and personality, so I couldn’t help sharing it along! 

1. Long nails

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If your nails can best be described as long and rectangular, you’re probably a social person with a bubbly personality and plenty of wit. Whether it comes to learning new things and meeting new people, you love having news experiences and broadening your horizons.

When it comes to work, you are a “measure twice, cut once” kind of person. You are detail-oriented, always thinking things carefully through, and don’t mind getting a little dirty to get things done.

2. Wide nails

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If your nails are wide and flat, you are no doubt a perceptive and analytical person. You are always careful to think before you speak. People often turn to you for your advice and clever observations. You are a good judge of character and you trust your instincts.

Because you are a steady person, you like building things. You love to create things and enjoy when your hard work pays off. You value functionality over design.

3. Round nails

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If your nails can be described as short and round, you’re probably a creative and determined person with a dramatic flair. You exert a strong personality, creating fun and excitement, and people are drawn to you. You are a true loyal friend, and will do everything to protect those you love.

You love few things as much as a good challenges. Adventurous, brave and bold, you don’t hesitate to undertake a challenge and dive right into it head first. Some call you stubborn. But that’s only because you know what you want!

4. Rectangular

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If your nails are squarish and even, you have both feet on the ground and work hard. You’re a natural leader who does not take their responsibility lightly. You’re often entrusted with important assignments because people know they can trust you. Everything you do, you do meticulously.

You don’t take shortcuts and you are always willing to do what it takes to get the job done – but that does not mean you don’t know how to have fun. While you appear to be a true work horse, under the surface is your exuberant soul which loves a good party as much as anyone else.

5. Triangular

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Are your nails pointed and slightly triangular? If so, you are probably a brave and determined person who always knows what you want. You are passionate and stubborn. Some call you a firebrand, but you have no problem with that. If you see something you want, you’re not afraid to ask for it.

At work your motto is “work smart, not hard.” You always think through all the different angles before you start a new project and when comes the time to start, you solve problems quickly and with ease.

6. Oval

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If your nails are long and oval, you’re probably a creative person. You like to draw and get your inspiration from nature. You are down to earth but also imaginative. You’re happiest when you’re surrounded by beautiful things. Tender and calm, people are drawn to you when their lives get too hectic and they need to relax.

Some would say that you take on too much, but the truth is that you enjoy being immersed in the projects that you love – especially when these may be helpful to others. You love to love and to give passionately with all your heart. You enter everything wholeheartedly — and it shows in the results.

7. Unique cuticles

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Do you have unique, or perhaps uneven cuticles? This means that you prefer living “off the beaten path”. This philosophy applies to everything, from the clothes you wear and the home you live in, to the music you listen to and the food you eat. You shun the ordinary like the plague. You are colorful and unique and people are drawn to you when they want to experience something different and fun.

It might seem a bit backwards, but your motto would be “play hard, work harder.” You know that when you’re having fun, everything is accomplished more easily and with greater success, so you apply this when you’re working. Hence, you’re never bored.

Pretty amazing how much of this was right on the dot, right?

I think more people would enjoy taking a look at what their nail type may mean, so please share further with your friends on Facebook 🙂

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