18-Year-Old Walks 20 Km In A Blizzard For A Job Interview. But A Meeting On The Road Changes His Life.

A young man was out walking – in the middle of the snowstorm. That was what restaurant owner Art Bouvier saw. And his observation would lead to a story that is now warming the hearts of tens of thousands. This is one of those stories that just really warms the heart.

Art drove up next to the young man and checked up on him, asking if he was alright. The young man, 18, by the name of Jhaqueil Reagen, responded that he was on the way to a job interview.



Jhaqueil explained that he was going to walk 20 kilometers (see the picture below) to get to his job interview. Art was stunned, and asked him why he didn’t just take the bus – the 18-year-old explained the heartbreaking truth – he couldn’t afford it.



Although Jhaqueil intended to battle through 20 km of a raging blizzard – he never ended up needing to do so. Art was so moved by Jhaqueil’s determination – he offered the 18-year-old a job at his own restaurant. Art later shared the story about his chance encounter with Jhaqueil on his Facebook page, and the post quickly went viral.



The strangers were now colleagues. The restaurant owner had known that this was a guy with the right attitude and that he really deserved the chance.



Jhaqueil has since expressed how grateful he was for Art. For now, he has a job that is even better than what he was traveling 20 km through a blizzard for. Personally, I think Jhaqueil absolutely deserved his stroke of luck – or perhaps shall we just call it, kindness.



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