86-year-old grandma asked to be “fairy” flower girl at her granddaughter’s wedding

A wedding is a very special day not just for the bride and groom but also for their families. This bride had a very special idea about how to make it even more special for one particular person!


Keely Crimando always had a special and close bond with her grandmother Dorothy Czartorski. She was very excited about the opportunity of getting married because of what it would mean for their relationship…

The wedding was set in October 2017 and people were stunned when they saw Dorothy coming down the aisle. It was not something they expected. The guests at the wedding were shocked at Dorothy’s outfit, not believing what they were seeing!

When Keely’s boyfriend Michael Crimando popped the question, she was very excited. She had known Michael was the one for a while, having met on a dating app. The first person she told about Michael being ‘the one’ for her was her grandmother Dorothy.


So it makes sense that when her wedding day rolled around, her grandmother would be front and center of all the festivities.


When the wedding planning began, she started to think about how to include her grandmother who was essentially her best friend in the wedding. She heard about another bride who made her grandmother her bridesmaid and that gave her an idea of what she wanted to do!

When she asked Dorothy to be part of her bridal party, her grandmother was stunned but of course, said yes.


Five little flower girls walked out, but it was Dorothy in her gold dress with an emerald scarf that won everyone’s hearts.

Keely’s aunt, Flissa wheeled her grandma down the aisle. And both of them looked beautiful, her grandma had had her nails and hair done for the occasion and also wore a flower crown to finish off her look.

Her grandma and aunt both dress up as fairies with wings and magic wands. Wedding guests saw how Dorothy was positively glowing at being included in on the wedding day.


The bride was incredibly happy with everything, saying, “I really didn’t mind all eyes were on her.”

The bride could not be happier about her grandmother being front and center in the wedding party. Even the photographer loved the idea, saying, “I could just tell how much love and admiration Keely had for her grandma. Later on in the evening, grandma even managed to make it onto the dance floor! It was such a great night.”

It is amazing how this bride included her grandmother. We wish them the best and hope they spend many more wonderful years together!

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