Adorable boy brings people to tears when he sings the national anthem, wait until you hear his voice

Adorable boy brings people to tears when he sings the national anthem, wait until you hear his voice

When 12-year-old Jadon Perez opens his mouth, people stop and listen.

The boy, who’s gone viral with his flawless vocals, brought a crowd to tears with his rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” when he was only 10. Now, he’s entertaining audiences across the internet with his powerful vocal range, which fans say give them “shivers.”

Only two years ago, Florida’s Jadon Perez, who was 10 at the time, stunned the audience and stole the show from the celebrity players at the Arians Family Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic, when he flawlessly belted out “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Introducing the young boy to the crowds on the green, the announcer said, “The announcer tells a great story that is indicative of Jadon’s voice: “I have to tell you, some of the guys who know me a little bit…we work on the TV show, The Voice on NBC, and, I want him to come try out for The Voice, that’s how good this little boy is.”

Jadon, who said he started singing before he was one, has developed his crisp clean vocals over his young years, and has evolved significantly since his days singing “The Muffin Man” to his family.

The boy, who’s always singing, shared with local news station WFLA that he “got in trouble” for singing in kindergarten class.

“I was singing in class and then the teacher told me to stop singing and I started humming.”

His father Christian Perez says, “He’s always singing on his iPad, constantly. Singing when he’s doing homework, singing in the car, singing in the pool.”

His dad reveals it was in 2018 he realized his little boy had a gift.

“That tenderness [in his voice], like woah,” Perez said.

After Perez posted the video of Jadon singing, he was contacted by the organizers of the celebrity golf classic and asked to perform.

Sharing that he was feeling a high degree of nerves for Jadon, who had never performed in public, Perez adds tearfully, “to see him face his fears…was pretty cool.”

What was coolest for the then 10-year-old was meeting his favorite player from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player, wide receiver Mike Evans, who was at the fundraising event.

And, fans love hearing his music that’s frequently shared on his social media.

One user from England writes, “I get shivers everytime I hear that Jadon !!” A second netizen shares, “this will be who my kids will be listening to on the radio watching win Grammys! Amazing.”

A third writes, “He’s better than Beiber was at that age.” Many will remember that 13-year-old Justin Bieber got his start in 2007 when a YouTube video of him performing was discovered by a former executive at a record label.


Thank you @Tampa Bay Lightning for the opportunity to sing the anthem our family had a blast !!! #nhl #tampabaylightning #nationalanthem #vocals #fyp

♬ original sound – Jadonperezofficial

Though the kid hasn’t yet auditioned for a spot on The Voice, in 2022, he opened games for Tampa Bay Lightning and Miami Heat, the thundering applause of fans shaking the house after he sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

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