Reba McEntire debuts on ‘The Voice,’ makes history as show’s oldest and most seasoned coach

Reba McEntire, the former “Mega Mentor” on The Voice, ascended the throne for her official crowning as the newest, oldest, most seasoned, and spectacular coach on the popular singing competition show.

For the season 24 premiere, the country queen–Blake Shelton’s long-hyped replacement–took her rightful position next to superstar coaches John Legend and Gwen Stefani, along with last season’s champion Niall Horan, in their journey to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon.

And this isn’t her first rodeo.

Keep reading to learn about the legendary McEntire’s debut as a coach on The Voice!

Though fans of The Voice were crushed when Blake Shelton announced he was leaving the show in October 2022, they were equally delighted to learn that Reba McEntire, 68, would be taking his place as one of the four expert coaches on The Voice.

McEntire–known as the Queen of Country Music–served as an advisor on the first season of The Voice (2011) and through season 23, she was a “Mega Mentor.” Previous Mega Mentors on The Voice include Ed Sheeran, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, and Usher.

Fans of the show, in-house and at home, were hyped to see the “Today all Over Again” singer in her September 26th debut, and they weren’t quiet about it.

Right in the middle of Blind Auditions, an audience member jumped to his feet and started shouting her name.

“Reba! Reba! The Queen of Country!” screamed the fan, who was wearing a white “I love Reba” shirt and a cap.

Distracting the cast, all of whom looked genuinely puzzled, presenter Carson Daly attempted to establish control and hush to the fan, saying “Sir…sorry, sir…wait. Is that Howie Mandel?”

The America’s Got Talent (AGT) judge Howie Mandel explained he was taking a break from filming the season finale to go all fanboy over the “Whoever’s in New England” singer.

“We’re right next door shooting the AGT finale. Would you sign my shirt?”

Seconds later, the multiple award-winning McEntire was signing the shirt of the man, who’s cheers continued to echo throughout the studio.

 “Would you be still?” McEntire quipped while trying to pen her name on his top. “No, I can’t, I love you!” Mandel replied.

Mandel–an extreme germaphobe who’s known to frequently utter, “don’t touch me!”–shocked everyone as he tightly embraced McEntire. “You don’t see that every day,” Daly noted.

Fans were thrilled for the AGT star’s cameo.

“Can’t believe that the [germaphobe] just hugged REBA. He usually doesn’t want to be that close with anyone,” writes one fan. A second shares, “Love Howie leading Reba’s cheering section! Love Reba too!” while another says, “OHHHHH that Mandel!”

Meanwhile, netizens were praising McEntire on her first appearance, spreading some love and begging for more.

One writes, “Love the voice! So excited that you (Reba) are joining the voice! Hated losing Blake but you are my favorite female country singer of all time. Can’t wait to see the new episodes.”

A second chimes in with, “REBA!!!!!! The Queen has arrived! Best choice ever, her sense of humor is gonna be the absolute best part of the show,” and another says, “I’m ready for the Queen. Have a great time and greetings from Germany.”

But not everyone is sharing the love for the “Turn on the Radio” singer.

One cyber citizen suggests too much attention is focused on the new judge. “I don’t know. I feel The Voice has become the Reba Show. I like her, but it’s a little over the top.”

A second writes, “Get rid of Reba I can’t stand her voice. Her music is great.”

Another user addressed the hate and writes, “Wow! So many hating trolls out there! Niall is back, Gwen is back, Reba is queen …Blake better show up! Excited to see the season! Miserable people insult others or are jealous, my Mamma used to say. If you can’t say anything nice…”

We absolutely love Reba McEntire and are so happy to see her coaching new talent on The Voice! It’ll be exciting to see the season play out and watch her develop new stars!

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