Amy Dowden reveals news about second battle with cancer and ‘it was life-threatening’

Hearing about a beloved celebrity suffering from a disease can be distressing. This is why the news of Amy Dowden’s health problems has caused a lot of distress for her fans.

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Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden just revealed that she almost died while she was fighting cancer. But the near-death experience was not from the cancer itself but something entirely different.

Two days after she had her chemotherapy treatment on 3 August, Dowden went with her parents for a walk. “The Strictly producers were checking in on me, and I was sending videos of me on my walk. I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling,” she said.


But when they got home from the walk, the good mood evaporated as Dowden’s health took a turn for the worse and her parents called an ambulance for their daughter.

Her mother Gillian recalled, “Amy’s symptoms got worse very, very quickly. At one point she felt OK, then suddenly she felt very ill – it happened in an instant.” She went on, “She went to stand, then just sort of crumpled back on to the settee.”

Ambulance staff took her to a hospital where she was placed in intensive care. The Latin and ballroom dancers learned then what had gone wrong. She was being treated for her high temperature and other symptoms when doctors figured out what was wrong.”

“The doctors and nurses were telling me I had sepsis and that it was life-threatening,” she revealed in an interview.

She had been “very unlucky” to have contracted the infection while she was undergoing treatment for her breast cancer.

Sepsis can be deadly for even otherwise healthy people but even more so for those who are undergoing treatment that suppresses the immune system. This, of course, includes those undergoing chemotherapy. And to add to worries, Dowden also has Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory condition.


She said, “I just thought it was my reaction to chemo but, as it turned out, I had already got an infection.”

“On chemo, you don’t have your white blood cells to fight infection.”

The dancing legend reunited with the ambulance staff that transported her to the hospital and saved her life. She posted about the “scary ordeal” on her social media.

“I was glad to be able to thank them for saving my life,” she said in an interview.

The reality competition star added, “It was really good to shake their hands and thank them personally; they’re a credit to the service. I thanked them for what they did for Amy and for the rest of the work they do because they don’t always get the recognition they deserve.”

Dowden went on, “We are so lucky to have every single individual and department in the NHS.

She also thanked her doctors and staff who helped her in her fight against cancer, “From my breast care team to my oncology team, to the paramedics, to those who help me with my Crohn’s – everybody does an exceptional job, especially considering the pressure they’re under at the moment.”


All in all, we are incredibly happy that Amy Dowden is now feeling better. It could have been a deadly situation, but we are glad she pulled through.

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