Aussie dad devastated over newborn daughter, US-based girlfriend makes crushing decision

An Australian man is “heartbroken and empty” after his homesick girlfriend, who was pregnant with their child, left to visit home in Texas, where she now plans to settle with her new partner.

Adding to the father’s pain, the American-born woman then threatened to put the baby up for adoption if he wasn’t in Texas for her birth.

Not willing to lose his daughter, Sydney’s Dan Gaut was there to welcome baby Ana into the world, but then his ex changed her mind again, and decided the newborn would stay with her. Keep reading to learn more about this man’s tug of love war for baby Ana!

In early 2023, Australia’s Dan Gaut was vacationing in San Francisco when he met Texas native Liv, whom he thought was “the love of his life.”

Falling deeply in love, Liv followed Gaut, a construction worker, to his home in Australia, where she claimed: “There’s nothing in Texas for me anymore…all my heart and energy is in Australia.”

Within weeks, Liv was pregnant, and the couple was thrilled to be starting a family.

But then, things started going very wrong with the future mom, who was starting to feel homesick.  

Leaving her adoring boyfriend behind in Australia, Liv returned to her home to Austin, Texas, in what was intended to be a quick trip putting her in the arms of loved ones.

But then she decided to stay.

Staying in Texas

Gaut tells A Current Affair (ACA) that his ex-girlfriend, who reunited with her ex-partner, and their unborn baby were never returning to Australia.

Next, she delivered a shocking ultimatum, where she threatened to put the baby up for adoption if Gaut wasn’t in Texas for the birth of Ana, whom he would then take back to Australia.

“She was starting to send me adoption options for people that she knew in Texas, and she was sending me the links to the Instagram page,” he recalls in the February 2024 interview, where he’s seen lying skin-to-skin with his baby. “And I was like, “’No, this is wrong, stop, don’t promise her to anyone.’”

But, flying across the world was costly, and he needed to settle immigration papers for both him and his daughter.

Supporting his efforts, a friend started a crowdfunding to help Gaut raise money to fly to Austin, Texas, and “bring his little girl home.”

“The mother of the child has agreed to give the child to Dan if he is there during or quickly after her birth to take charge.” The campaign, that raised $34,000 of its $30,000 goal, continues: “Dan believes he can be a great single Dad – and so do we. Our team of friends has vowed to help him raise Ana with loads of love.”

Gaut was excited to bring his baby back home and Liv expressed an interest in being involved in her daughter’s life. She even offered to accompany Gaut on the flight from Texas to Sydney to help ease his nerves on traveling with a newborn.

“We don’t know how it’s going to go but she’s very supportive of me bringing the baby over [to Australia],” he said in his interview with ACA.

Excited to navigate life as a single father, Gaut writes on the fundraising page: “I don’t know how I will do this, but I do know that I will do everything I can to bring my daughter home and shower her with love and acceptance. I just want to be the best Dad that I can possibly be. I want to be there every step of the way for my little Ana.”

This was before Liv had another crushing change of heart.

Liv delivers crushing news

Recently, Gaut shared an emotional Instagram post, where he’s seen holding baby Ana, born late March 2024.

“I feel heartbroken and empty as I’m forced to leave America alone. Liv has changed her mind and wants to keep Ana in the States and be her primary caregiver. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who supported me on this journey.”

Gaut also explains the remaining donations will be used to allow him legal representation in Austin and for visits with his baby, who is now an Aussie citizen.

He adds, “I still hold strong the vision of Ana growing up in Australia in the not [so] distant future.”

We really feel for Dan Gaut and hope he’s soon reunited with his baby girl!

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