Bride snubs dad in a ‘bridezilla’ rage on her wedding – then he reveals the reason

There is no denying how important a wedding day is for a bride. The concept of ‘Bridezilla’ merely comes from women who are very excited about their big day and want to ensure it turns out perfectly.

But sometimes, these women can take things a little too seriously. Below is such a story; keep reading to find out what happened.

A distraught father took to the internet to find out whether he had been at the wrong at his daughter’s wedding. Using the username NoWeddingCakeAITA, he wrote down his entire story.

“My daughter got married last weekend and it was a beautiful and joyous occasion,” he wrote. Then he went on to add that one incident that happened during the wedding has been irking him and he has been wondering whether he has been in the wrong for that.

He described it as follows, “During the reception, the wedding cake was served and everyone was having a slice,” he wrote.

“I didn’t want any because I don’t really like cake and I was already pretty full from dinner,” he continued. Adding, “figured it was no big deal and that no one would notice if I didn’t have any.”


However, his daughter, the bride, did notice. “My daughter saw that I wasn’t eating the cake and she got really upset,” he wrote.

“She accused me of not supporting her and not being a good parent because I didn’t want to eat the cake,” he wrote.

He added, “She said that it was a tradition for the parents to eat a slice of the wedding cake and that by not doing so, I was showing a lack of respect for her and her new spouse.”

He explained his reasoning to her, saying, “I tried to explain to her that it was just a personal preference and that I was still happy for her and supportive of her marriage, but she didn’t want to hear it.”


He also added, “She was so upset that she stormed off and now she’s not talking to me.”

He went on, writing, “I’m not sure what to do or how to make things right.”

He added, “I don’t want to cause any more hurt or disrespect — but at the same time, I don’t want to have to eat something that I don’t even like just to make her happy.”

He then asked the community whether he was in the wrong for not eating the cake.


People weighed in on the situation, one Reddit user wrote, “Since when is not eating cake at a wedding reception not being supportive of the couple?”

“Daughter or not, not everyone likes cake! Good grief! I’ve NEVER heard of that in my life!” they added.

Another person chimed in agreement, “I’ve honestly never heard of that tradition.”

Another user, angry on the father’s behalf saying, “Honestly, I’m wondering where your daughter comes off being such a bridezilla about a piece of cake, especially since you clarified that you love and support her. I’m already feeling bad for her spouse.”


Another person seemed suspicious saying, “I figure this conflict must have a history that we’re not being told. People who have a good relationship don’t just suddenly come up with bizarre things to fight about.”

Dr. Jayme Albin, a licensed psychologist also weighed in on the situation. Albin said, “The father wasn’t fully taking the daughter’s feelings into account at the wedding. It’s not so much that he didn’t anticipate her feelings about the cake before the reception — he’s not a mind reader — but when the daughter expressed her feelings at the wedding, he probably should have just had a bite of the cake.”


Albin added, “He didn’t say it was dietary restrictions [for him], just a preference — which ignored her feelings and ignited her upset.”

Dr. Albin said in regards to her daughter’s point of view, “There might be underlying insecurities about her relationship with the dad or how the dad feels about the new hubby — or just the new marriage on her part and she’s looking for the father’s reassurance.”

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