Bridezilla’s ridiculous wedding rules have guests canceling – ‘she is mad’

The celebration of a wedding is a momentous occasion for not only the happy couple but for everyone involved.

Though, sometimes the significance of this day can bring a world of unexpected emotions and feelings, and even unleash some pretty toxic behaviors.

Such was the case for one Redditor who, after graciously accepting the role of bridesmaid for her friend Laura’s upcoming nuptials, found herself confronted with an overwhelming list of absurd demands and expenses that left her questioning her involvement.

The Redditor, who goes by the name r/indigoflirp, recounted how she was initially excited to be chosen as a bridesmaid for Laura’s wedding to James in April 2024.

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“I have known her since college, and her fiancé ‘James’ is a great man so I happily agreed. We began planning everything, having multiple meetings to make sure we all are up to date on all plans,” the woman’s post begins.

“She is a bit of a neat person and very organized. She made all 5 bridesmaids and her [Maid of Honor] a binder of our duties and we put in information about the wedding ‘for future reference’ (she wants us to use it as a guide for our weddings if we aren’t married). We keep track of appointments, vendors, etc,” she continues.

The Redditor then goes on to say that the binder contained a section for wedding-related events (such as the bachelorette party) complete with a list of acceptable gifts for each respective event. She explains that the bachelorette party “requires a gift of at least $100 and includes bags, shoes, clothes, etc. Wedding shower is a required gift minimum of $50 and some type of “expensive alcohol.'”

The issues didn’t stop there, however. In fact, the Redditor says that the bride has made specific requests regarding the appearance of her guests, which they all received on Christmas. “I have very thick but fine hair,” the Redditor writes. “I keep the sides shaved down and the top and back long like halfway down my back which helps my migraines. I also have an Eeyore tattoo and a bear paw print tattoo that show. I also just had bariatric surgery so I’m working on losing weight. I also have glasses. This is relevant. Below is her list of musts.”

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This “list of musts” is rather lengthy and also pretty bizarre. The requests include no visible tattoos (they must be covered up with makeup, rather than jackets or long sleeves), a full head of hair (no shaved sides or back), blonde or black hair, turn up with professional hair and makeup, have nails and toenails done professionally and by the bride’s approved nail technician, wear a dress that is no larger than a size 8, no jewelry, no glasses, no visible scars, and no brown eyes (guests must wear blue contacts).

Phew! That was a lot! Sadly for the Redditor, this incident kept on going. She then continued in her post that the bride handed each bridesmaid a bill to pay. “It included the dress/shoes we would wear $850, nail fee $150 (she is pooling the money to pay for them to do our nails), a binder fee of $75 (the ones she made us to carry around), catering fee $200 per plate, an entourage fee $100 (we go everywhere with her), hotel fee for the weekend $326, and the final fee… $400 to be a bridesmaid or $500 [Maid of Honor].”

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a 14 page contract that was handed to the bridesmaids by the bride. This contract included a few astounding rules like agreeing to not get pregnant and attending meetings and events, for example. “We must take constant pictures so someone can make photo albums of everything. Each person must plan an event that is not at their house or anyone’s house. It can be for one or both of them. Food and drinks must be served. We will also follow the gift requirements for each said event. Failure to follow the contract could lead to a fine or dismissal from going to the wedding,” the Redditor explains.

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The post ends with the woman saying: “I am not doing the wedding. She is mad but I don’t care.”

Floods of fellow Redditors raced to the comments section to voice their opinions, with one person writing: “This isn’t the first bridezilla post I’ve read where the bridesmaids must have a certain hair color and eye color.”

Someone else added: “I’ve actually seen quite a few bridezillas want their bridesmaids to wear colored contacts…so the all look alike, like barbie. Went along with they all had to have shoulder length blonde hair.”

Another person chimed in with: “Yeah anyone who invites me to a wedding is getting my attendance. That’s it. If I’m in the wedding party I’ll wear a specific tie they want, and maybe some suspenders. That’s it. I’m not a doll that they can play dress up with. And asking people to cover up their tattoos is just tacky as hell.”

“No one is telling me what is appropriate for MY body. No one will tell me what to do with my hair. No one should ever pay thousands to be part of the wedding. There will be no bridesmaids left,” a further comment read.

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