Chrissy Teigen reveals what her mind wanders to when she is being intimate with her husband John Legend

Chrissy Teigen is very popular for a myriad of reasons. She is a model and cookbook author and also happens to be married to singer John Legend. She is known for controversial statements and now she has made another!

Keep reading to know what she just revealed about her marriage.

When it comes to being intimate with her husband, Chrissy Teigen revealed that she cannot seem to focus. The 38-year-old model got candid about her romantic life with her 45-year-old husband, singer John Legend.

She appeared on Tuesday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show and revealed more than anyone had expected. Barrymore asked cheekily whether Teigen’s mind wanders during sex and the mother of four simply replied, “All the time.”

“Really? Where does it go?” Barrymore immediately followed up. 

“Anywhere. Is the door locked? Is my spray tan coming off? So much,” Teigen added jokingly. 


Teigen and Legend just celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary, and she was vocal about what she thought ensured the longevity of a marriage.

“Honestly I think we’re always very thoughtful. If we’re arguing about something, he doesn’t argue often and I think one of our fights is actually that we don’t fight enough,” she said. “You know sometimes the passion is there and you want him to get riled up about something and it’s just not there but he brings me down to a level where I’m like, ‘Okay I’m over reacting a little I’m being a little crazy.’” 

She said she does not have any advice for anyone and she was lucky that she “found someone really great.” 


As for what is the biggest challenge for the pair, she simply said, “just trying to get our kids to get along.”

“That part of it is so fun seeing us grow into parents,” she added. “We were kids when we got together and now we have so many kids and seeing him as a dad and seeing how busy he is and how he will come from work and play football and they will ask anything of him and he will be there and he’ll do it,” she said of her husband, John Legend. 

The couple have four children together: daughter Luna and Esti, 1, and sons Miles and Wren.


It’s hilarious how honest Chrissy Teigen is sometimes but that is what makes her so endearing! We wish the Teigen-Legend family our best, they are such an adorable bunch! Share this with others who will laugh at Chrissy’s admission!

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