Duran Duran member Andy Taylor reveals he has only five more years left

Duran Duran member Andy Taylor reveals he has only five more years left

Knowing when you will pass away is not information everyone wants to have. Unfortunately, some people do not have a choice in whether they want to know. Such is the case of Andy Taylor, guitarist for the famed band ‘Duran Duran.’

Previously he revealed a painful diagnosis, and now, he is revealing some information that is heartbreaking as well. Keep reading to know more.

Andy Taylor, the guitarist for the famed band Duran Duran has been in good spirits despite the heartbreaking diagnosis he received. Taylor was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015, but the news was only made public in 2022, seven years later.

Simon Le Bon, the front man for the band, was the one to announce the sad news to the world. When the band was being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last year, Taylor was noticeably absent. This is when Le Bon revealed the guitarist’s cancer diagnosis.

His absence at the ceremony was because of his health, “I didn’t even have the strength to pick a guitar up,” Taylor said.


While it seems things have not been great in terms of his prognosis, there is now new hope which might give him a few more years!

The guitarist, who joined the British rock band in 1980 revealed that he was contacted by a scientist who suggested the drug Lutetium-177 to him. He called it a “nuclear medicine,” that would help treat his prostate cancer.

The scientist told him that Lutetium-177 only attacks cancer cells in a body because it cannot see healthy cells.

The guitarist revealed that he took the medicine six weeks ago and that it has been effective so far. He said, “It kills stage four cancer in your bones. And so what it’s effectively done is extend my life for five years.”

He was given a terminal diagnosis for his prostate cancer in 2018, just as he was working on his own solo album. “It was a death sentence,” he said.

Before being turned onto Lutetium-177, the musician had been writing down his will and sorting out his affairs so his wife and children would be taken care of. He recalls, “It was a very dark list.”

The treatment he is undergoing is only available at a handful of places in the UK, and that too privately. It costs the guitarist about £15,000 a session. He advises men to get checked for prostate cancer regularly so they can avoid a fate like this and get treatment as early as possible so the cancer does not spread.


We are sending the guitarist our best wishes. It is not easy battling cancer, and he needs all the prayers he can get! Share this with others so that everyone can know about his condition and pray for him as well.