Everyone Must Hear This 4-Year-Old’s Response To Stereotypes About Down Syndrome.

The little boy with Down Syndrome was abandoned by his parents at birth. For seven long years, Archie lives in an orphanage in Bulgaria. He remained alone, with no one stepping forward to adopt him.

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By chance, a family in Texas came across a picture of Archie and his story. Without the slightest hesitation, the couple, Joey and Lisa Eicher, decided to go to Bulgaria together with her 4-year-old daughter. The moment they met the boy they knew right away that he was already part of their family. They decided to adopt him.

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Their plans were met with much unexpectedly criticism from loved ones. Prejudice about Down Syndrome and toward Archie came in abundance. It saddened the parents deeply.

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As if prejudices about Down syndrome weren’t enough, other parents alsotold Lisa and Joey that their daughter, Ace, could suffer due to her adopted brother and his special needs. They argued that she wouldn’t be able to handle all the attention and care that the little boy required. But the parents knew how kind and full of love Archie was, so they ignored the criticism. 4-year-old Ace also knew exactly where she stood on the subject.

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And she wants to share her message with the whole world. Her words hit me straight in the heart. The video just speaks for itself. So wise– just amazing for her age. And I absolutely fell in love with Archie! It was hard to hold back the tears.

Watch it here.

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