Mom Shows Off Adorable Photos Of Her Newborn Quintuplets.

Having one or two children is plenty of work for most parents. But for Kim and Vaughn Tucci from Perth, Australia, raising their children is a bit more work than that—they now have eight children to care for! In January, Kim gave birth to quintuplets. And now for the first time, the family is sharing adorable pictures that a photographer took of the babies just weeks after they were born, writes the Daily Mail.

The Tuccis already had two daughters of their own, both under five, as well as a nine-year-old son from Kim’s previous marriage. Then in January, they became the parents of five more children, four daughters and a son: Penelope, Beatrix, Allie, Tiffany, and Keith.

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Kim and Vaughn have shared pictures of the adorable babies before, but this is the first time they’ve shared images taken by a professional photographer. The quintuplets were only a few weeks old in the pictures. The boy is in blue and the girls are in pink and purple.

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Obviously, the couple is extremely happy with their many children, but their babies also require a lot of work. The Australian parents talked about the challenges they encounter in several interviews. For example, each quint eats eight times a day, and the parents say they change about 350 diapers a week. Mother Kim Tucci, for example, told “60 Minutes” that she sometimes “locks herself in the bathroom and cries on the floor.”

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That all five babies survived and are healthy is rare says the Daily Mail, but the Tucci quintuplets made it.

“No one thought I could do it, and I did, I Showed everyone in my life. So, I think it’s the first time that i’ve actually been proud of myself,” the young mother said on “60 Minutes.”

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We wish the Tucci family luck with all their children. Just to see these cute little faces makes you understand that it’s worth it. Share if you agree!
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