Gene Hackman turned 93 years old – he still loves 32 years young wife and defended her years after retiring

Gene Hackman is a wonderful actor and a veteran in the movie business. The actor has been around for decades and is known for the versatile characters he can play.

He just turned 93 years old and is still as sharp as ever. Let’s take a look inside his life…

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Perhaps Gene Hackman is best known for his iconic roles in projects such as  “Hoosier,” “The French Connection,” or “Unforgiven.” He grew up in Chicago and his mother was a waitress and his father was a pressman for the local newspaper.

His father left the family when Hackman was only 13 years old. Hackman saw him while crossing a street years later and his father waved to him; a moment he will never forget. He later said about the incident, “I hadn’t realized how much one small gesture can mean. Maybe that’s why I became an actor.”

Hackman began his career studying at the Pasadena Playhouse in California. He met Dusty Hoffman there, and together they were voted “least likely to succeed” by their classmates. This was after Hackman had lied about his age to enlist with the Marines at 16.


After being voted as least likely to succeed, Hoffman and Hackman decided to give it a shot together. The pair made their way to New York, they met their mutual Robert Duvall there.


The three of them tried time and again to become successful. Hackman finally got his big break in 1967 when he starred in “Bonnie and Clyde.” After the role, he gained a lot of popularity.

While his professional life soared, his personal life suffered. It was reported that his mother never saw him on the big screen. She passed away in 1962, reportedly because of a fire caused by her lit cigarette. She had fallen asleep after some drinking and a lit cigarette in her hand ended up causing a fire that claimed her life.


In 2004, Hackman had starred in what he said would be his last movie, “Welcome to Mooseport.” He said he wanted to use his time to write and paint.

He married his second wife Betsy Arakawa in 1991. They have a 32-year age difference but claim they are still madly in love with one another. Arakawa happens to be a classical pianist, she is Hackman’s second wife, and the couple met in the 1980s.

Arakawa and Hackman met in Los Angeles where both of them were working. At the time Arakawa was working at a fitness center part-time and both of them shared a flirtation with one another but only began dating in 1984.


Arakawa soon moved in with Hackman into his Santa Fe apartment. At the time he was still married to his first wife Faye Maltese and the divorce had yet to be finalized but the couple did not care.

Hackman has three children from his first marriage; Leslie Anne, Elizabeth Jean, and Christopher Allen. And while he and Arakawa do not share any children together, she has a solid bond with her step-children.

A source said Hackman regrets not being more present as a father. “He wishes he’d been around more for his children, but now he’s close with them and their kids.”


He has often lamented how his career forced him to keep on moving and did not allow him to have quality time with his children.

He might be retired but he has no issues with defending his wife. An incident in 2012 occurred when Hackman was leaving a restaurant with his wife. A homeless man approached them and things quickly escalated as the homeless man proceeded to threaten them.

The man was named Bruce Becker and when he swore at Hackman’s wife, the actor slapped him. Later on, when they were questioned by the police, it was determined that Hackman acted out of self-defense.

The couple made no public statements about the incident.

in 2008, Hackman commented on his retirement from acting, he said “I haven’t held a press conference to announce my retirement, but yes, I’m not going to act any longer. I miss the actual acting part of it, as it’s what I did for almost 60 years, and I really loved that. But the business for me is very stressful.”


He and his wife prefer to live a quieter life, but according to sources, he still enjoys his activities and crafts like handiwork, riding his bike, and gardening.

He also started writing and released a book that he dedicated to his wife, saying, “To my wife, Betsy. Without her work and patience, this book would be but a passing thought.”

Since he lives a life away from Hollywood, often fans get worried when they do not see him for a while. But last year Seth Rudestky took to Twitter and shared a picture of himself, Ana Gatseyer, and Hackman. He looked healthy and happy in the picture, much to his fans’ relief!

We are so glad that Gene Hackman is still doing well. We wish him the very best for his birthday and hope he celebrates many many more!

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