German Sheperd is chained up his entire life, then sees the ocean for the first time

Dogs need to move around, run around, use their noses and play with other dogs.

Of course, it may be good to keep them in a leash for their own safety, but all dogs must be allowed to run freely sometimes.

Herschel is a wonderful German Shepherd who unfortunately was neglected by uncaring owners.

For the past five years, he’s been stuck to a pole and did not get the love and care he deserved.

Finally rescued and taken to a shelter, the pup was excited about a new environment.

Unfortunately, the shelter offered little to fill Herschel’s energetic needs…

Herschel was so happy and energetic when he was adopted that it simply became too much for his new family.

His excitement and energy were mistaken for aggression.

Sadly, it looked like the dog’s future days would be spent in a cage.


Fortunately, there was a family who had room for Herschel. He was surrendered to Michelson Found Animals who got him the medical and grooming attention he needed.

Thanks to Rocky Kanaka and his “Dogs Day Out” program, Herschel experienced an adventure that he would remember for a very long time.

They thought that Herschel deserved to have one fun day.


The road trip began with stopping to play in mountain snow.

This new white fluffy stuff was a delight to Herschel.


Running and tossing snow in the air soon had him happy in this element. Herschel also got to give teddy bear hugs to kids that appreciated his spunky nature.

Yes, Herschel was finally free to explore, run and appreciate all that he had missed.

But the best was yet to come.


Upon arriving at the seafront, Herschel could not contain himself.

Before they even entered the beach, Herschel started chattering like Chewbacca, full of curiosity and excitement.

Herschel was first introduced to the sand between his toes.

Once he stepped foot on the ocean, his immediate response was to start frolicking over the waves.

Watch the video and listen to the cheerful cries that are unbelievable as Herschel discovers freedom at last.

The look of happiness and awe and love in his eyes when driving in the car and at the ocean is how happy a fellow creature should always be❣️ 

Thank you to everyone involved in giving this dog his life back❤️