Homeless man sick of living in tent builds tiny ‘house-on-wheels’ on Hollywood Boulevard with scrap material

Living on the streets is not easy at all. A lot of homeless people who set up tents are often told to move to other places by city officials. Such was the story of a Los Angeles man who refers to himself as  “Q.”

Sick of having to move his tent every other day, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Fox11 via YouTube

Hollywood Boulevard is perhaps one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles. It attracts thousands of tourists because of how prolific the area is.

However, these days there is a new attraction in the area, one that has nothing to do with Hollywood whatsoever! A formerly homeless man who refers to himself as “Q” has got people talking.

He was interviewed by FOX 11 who heard reports of a ‘small house-on-wheels’ turn up on Hollywood Boulevard and decided to investigate. They asked Q for a tour inside his tiny home but he politely declined.

Fox11 via YouTube

Q revealed that he had previously been living in a tent but would often grow frustrated when city officials would tell him to dismantle his tent and move every two weeks or so. That way of living cannot be sustainable for anyone!

This is when he decided to take matters into his own hands. “I had an idea to build something on wheels so that we wouldn’t have to,” Q said.


He searched for materials at construction sites, any wood workers were not using or had thrown away, he would reclaim and use to build his home. His friends pitched in and helped along the way as well. Pretty soon, he was able to construct his home on wheels.

Since he built his house on wheels, the city provided him with temporary housing options which he declined. He declined the options because he thought it was better for him to live in the home he built with his own hands, then opt for a small hotel room for a temporary period.

“It kind of gives me empowerment,” Q said about his home.

Fox11 via YouTube

He knows that better living situations exist but he is happy with his tiny home that he built himself. “I don’t think that I’m bothering anyone here,” Q said, referring to the nearby empty storefront.

The formerly homeless man revealed that having a roof over his head felt good, he said, “I feel good,” Q said. “I feel like I’m, you know, kind of being an example for people that’s in my situation. Letting them know that just because you are living on the streets doesn’t mean that you have to just let go of everything.”

However, he is planning on moving his home from the Hollywood Boulevard spot because officials had told him to clear out before the end of the week!

Good on Mr. Q to build his own home and set an example for other people in his situation to be proactive and do something about their situation as well.

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