Kidnapper brazenly attempts to kidnap girl in front of parents – video shows their heroic efforts to save her

It is only after you become a parent that you realize the lengths that you will go to in order to save your child. These parents were met with their worst nightmare when a kidnapper attempted to take their child.

What they did next was amazing… Keep reading to learn more.

A 2-year-old girl was the victim of an attempted kidnapping in Tarrant County, Texas.


Paige and Carlos Ortiz were driving home from Walmart when they noticed a blue truck following them closely behind. Carlos Ortiz tried ti dissipate his wife’s concerns by brushing it off. But when the couple parked in their driveway and began to unload their groceries, the man approached them.

The man, later identified as Steven Bayse by officials, began asking Carlos about his truck.

“He started saying some other things that threw red flags up to me,” Carlos recalled. “He starts saying things like, ‘That could be like Shelby. Oh, that’s my truck.’ Probably because he had a similar truck to mine. Just a different year, make, and model.”


Then things took a turn for the worst. The man set his sights on the couples’ daughter. Carlos recalled the incident, “He started seeing my daughter out in the front yard. He was like, ‘Oh that’s your daughter?’ I was like, ‘Yes. It is,'” Carlos continued, saying Bayse then got out of his car. “I didn’t think much of it, because he’s probably just trying to say hi. Out of nowhere, he just scoops her up and starts heading back to his truck.”

Paige added how the man then said something truly shocking.

“He told my husband, ‘You’re not the father of this child’ and just started to bolt away,” she said. Adding, “And my husband was right on his trail, like trying to like reach out for him and grab our daughter.”

Paige who was witnessing the scene unfold from inside the house, immediately grabbed her phone to call authorities and also grabbed a knife from her kitchen as she ran toward the scene.


Security camera footage shows Paige as she gets to the driver’s side window and yells, “Let go of my daughter, now! You better get your hands off my daughter! He’s trying to kidnap my daughter, call the police!”

“‘You better put my daughter down or I will end your life,'” she says, she said to the man. She added later, “I will do whatever it takes to ensure my family and my daughter are safe.”

“I was holding his arm then my wife, she had one arm on our kid. The other arm with the knife to his neck. Eventually, she was able to pull her out of his arms and runs inside,” Carlos later recalled. “I couldn’t think of anything else. I just was like, I need to hold him off and my wife needs to pull her off and go.”


The man drove away while Paige still held the knife in her hands.

Authorities later nabbed the criminal after getting his details from the couple. “He stopped several times, acting as if he would surrender and then continue running from deputies,” a press release about the arrest read. “At one point during the chase, deputies attempted to conduct a high-risk stop, when Bayse was stopped at a red light. Again, he drove off and struck three patrol vehicles and almost struck a TCSO deputy.”

He was arrested after he pulled into a grocery store parking lot. He is currently being held in Tarrant County Jail on multiple charges which include; charges of kidnapping, evading arrest with a vehicle and aggravated assault against a public servant. His bond has been set at $125,000.


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