Look inside the $7.6 million New York apartment Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid once lived

Furnished with star power, the Upper East Side apartment where Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid raised their celebrity son, Jack, is up for sale.

Keep reading and learn more about the home where the former couple once lived!

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, the adorable celebrity couple of the 1990s, captured the hearts of fans who loved the real-life coupling of the stars who played lovers in the 1987 science fiction film, Innerspace.

In the film, Quaid plays Tuck, a U.S. Navy aviator, who’s shrunken with miniaturization technology, and along with his aircraft is injected into the body of Jack Putter, played by Martin Short.

Movie goers championed Tuck’s escape, waiting for him to connect with Lydia, played by Ryan, whom he’s been speaking with through the body he’s trapped.

At the time the movie was released, the two were not a couple, and adoring fans wanted to see them together.

In 1988 it finally happened.

Ryan, who stars in When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, and Quaid, the star of Dragonheart and The Rookie, met again on the set of the 1988 film D.O.A and married on Valentine’s Day in 1991.

While they were together, Ryan, 61, and Quaid, now 69, had a son Jack, who was born in 1992.

When Jack was five, the family moved into the 3,000-square-foot co-op at 1136 Fifth Ave., paying $3.1 million in 1997 for the property.

Jack, who’s now 31, followed in his parent’s footsteps and is known for his leading role as a vigilante superhero in the satirical TV series, The Boys.

In 2001, the couple divorced, Quaid first citing Ryan’s affair with her co-star of the 2000 film, Proof of Life, Russell Crowe. After the divorce, Quaid also admitted to having an affair, and revealed that he felt Ryan’s fame trumped his own. He explained that when they met, he was a “big deal” but then, people started recognizing her, calling her name in the streets. “I have to admit it, I did feel like disappeared. I didn’t think I was that small, but I was,” he said in an interview.

The two split and sold their 12th floor co-op, each living on a different coast.

Quaid went onto marry two more times, his most recently to Laura Savoie, a teaching and research assistant. After divorcing Quaid, Ryan did not wed again.

The apartment is now up for sale again. Listed at $7.4 million, the prewar residence features a 25-foot gallery opening to the living and dining rooms, along with a separate wing that has three bedrooms. Other highlights include a fireplace, eat-in chef’s kitchen–a culinary sanctuary–and spacious windows that overlook Central Park and the Reservoir.

The 1925 building was designed by the acclaimed architect George Frederick Pelham, who also developed the St. James House and Hudson View Gardens.

And, almost 100 years later, it still holds its old charm with features like a full-time doorman and elevator operator.

If you had $7.4 million lying around, would you buy this apartment for its architecture or because it was once the residence of Meg Ryan, Dennis and Jack Quaid?

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