Man calls girlfriend ‘weird’ for treating car like human, she gets the best revenge

Fed up with his girlfriend’s reverence for her car, a man went on Reddit, looking for advice on how to deal with the demanding third wheel in his relationship.

Saying the woman’s behavior is “weird,” the man shares that Angie, the car, enjoys bath time at the car wash and is a frequent patron at the gas station where she loves to drink.

While the situation seems incredibly bizarre, things became even worse when his partner learned her relationship with her precious Angie was being blasted online.

Keep reading to learn about her shocking response to this man’s post!

A man, desperate for advice, shared his story on the ‘Am I the A**hole’ subreddit, detailing an unfortunate situation with his girlfriend and her dizzying behavior.

The 25-year-old man explains the woman he had been dating for nine months had an unusual devotion to the care she received from her parents on her 21st birthday.

And the 23-year-old woman wasn’t shy about it.


“I learned all this on our first date when she said ‘Angie took me here.’ I thought that was odd but let it slide,” writes the author, who adds throughout the relationship, “she’s always talked about her car as if she’s talking about another person.”

“When she got a flat tire on the highway a few months back, she called me and said that ‘Angie’s shoe broke and has to get a new one.’ When she goes to the car wash, she describes it as “giving Angie a bath.”

Angie’s drinking problem

He next explains that the woman’s tendency to anthropomorphize her vehicle was “weird and embarrassing.”

And it all came to a head one weekend when the original poster was heading out for a bevy of beverages with his pals, his girlfriend offering to be the designated driver.

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“We were out for a couple hours and I admittedly got a bit too drunk. When my gf came to pick us up, she said she’s stopping at the gas station first ‘to get Angie something to drink.’”

Explaining that his patience for her quirks was broken by the alcohol he consumed, he continues writing, “This is where I may be the a-hole. I told her I think it’s weird and embarrassing of her to talk about her car like that. It’s a machine, not a pet or a kid, and that she should treat it like how a normal person would treat any machine.”

Feeling attacked and protective over Angie, the young woman recoiled and “refused to say anything for the rest of the drive home.”

“She dropped off my friends, and then drove to my apartment. I asked her why we weren’t going back to hers, and she said she needed some time to think and told me to get out,” he shares.

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Before asking Redditors, “AITA for telling my girlfriend the way she talks about her car is weird and embarrassing?” the OP adds, “She’s been radio silent since then and I’m starting to think I did something wrong.”

‘Stop being so boring’

Unfortunately for the poster, he did not get the support he was wanting from the online community, who mostly agreed “YTA******.”

But his story did create a lively exchange of conversation.

One user writes, “You threw away a keeper. She had no issues with you going out with friends to get plastered. Even rolled your drunk self home. Had to wake Angie up to go along.”

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“He called her weird and embarrassing and expected to spend the night at the girlfriend’s apartment?” asks a second.

A third netizen suggests that treating your car like a person is harmless: “My van, Vanna White, also agrees. OP YTA, let people enjoy things. Your girlfriend talking about her car that way doesn’t hurt you or anyone else. It’s just a fun thing she likes to do. Stop being so boring.”

Another anonymous user jokes, “I’m sorry but Angie says you’re an a****** and she doesn’t want you inside her anymore. Get out.”

Shortly after his original post, the author offers cyber fans an update on the situation with his girlfriend, who – to his great misfortune – is a frequent user of the Reddit platform.


“Well she dumped me. She found the post, called me and told me never to speak to her again. I guess it’s for the best though, we really wouldn’t have been that compatible, as many of you have said. Thank you for your judgements,” he writes.

What do you think of giving human characteristics to inanimate objects? Please share your thoughts with us and then share this story so we can hear what others have to say!


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