Man mocks his fiancée’s job – then she does something unexpected

One of the most important aspects of having a happy, healthy relationship is that you must respect one another. If one partner in the relationship does not feel respected, it can cause major issues.

This story is one which teaches those who read it a valuable lesson. Keep reading to know more about what happened to this couple, which changed their relationship forever.

A woman took to Reddit to air out some grievances she was having with her fiancé. The 45-year-old successful entrepreneur shared something her 55-year-old fiancé did that hurt her feelings.

She prefaced the situation, which was written about by BoredPanda. She paid her way through college for a degree in Business Management and Accounting, which meant she graduated in her 30s because that takes a while to do so. But seven years ago, she started a successful business and now employed 25 people. Her fiancé, on the other hand, was a retired military officer.

She went to a junior college as opposed to a major university and took two courses per semester. This has led to her being teased by people as well, which she ignored because she felt like the education she received was fantastic.


In her career, she has worked as an accountant for some large companies, as well as doing programming and IT. She started her company where she did similar services for small and big companies alike. She mentioned how her staff was wonderful and that she handled contracts, sales, kick-off meetings, and more.

This is where she began explaining her issue. She was dating her fiancé even before she began her company. Now, despite all her success as an entrepreneur whenever he introduced her he referred to her as a ‘bookkeeper.’ While she says she does not have an issue with bookkeeping as a profession, she had worked super hard on her degree and business to be referred to as just a ‘bookkeeper.’

She said she has told him multiple times this upsets her and makes her feel like he does not take her seriously. However, he was adamant that this was not the case, and it made no difference. But it deeply impacted her and before an event she even pulled him aside and told him to introduce her as a consultant.


And at the event, when they were talking to a potential client for her, he made a comment saying, ‘She has come a long way for a bookkeeper,’ which deeply embarrassed her. She excused herself and left the event as they had driven there separately. The two of them own their own homes, so she went to her own place and texted him that she had to leave.

Her fiancé thought she was overreacting, but her family thinks she is in the right as they believe he does not respect her or women in general. She said while he was supportive when they were alone with one another, he did talk down to her in front of others and her family. She always assumed that it was in bad humor but always a joke, but at this point is not that sure.

People commented that this was not unreasonable on her part and that her fiancé was in the wrong. A lot of people advised her to reconsider the engagement.


She finally made an update on her situation. She said she had another talk with her fiancé, where he said she was lucky to have him. She decided to call the engagement off, and her family celebrated their breakup with champagne.

She also mentioned that she had another conversation with him where he asked for compensation for all his help with her company. She was taken aback by the request and then handed him a dollar and left. She wrote that her brothers were very angry at his request too and wanted to pay him a ‘visit’ but she told him that she had handled it well.


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