Meet Elnaz, Tanaz, and Golnaz – the three stunning identical triplets who are taking the internet by storm

Living in poverty, an Iranian mother believed for nine months she was carrying only one baby. When the time came, she instead had identical triplets, who presented a huge challenge to the parents who were already disadvantaged.

But dedicated providers to their children, the trio was able to escape the harsh political climate of Iran and its gender inequalities that aimed to crush their ambitions, using the spirit of togetherness to build a fashion empire.

Today, after harnessing the power of three, the bushy-browed tribe of beauties are working with luxury labels and showing the world they are a triple threat.

On April 5, 1995, a young woman in Iran was excited to give birth to the child that she and her husband were longing for many years.

But when the time came, she had not one, but three babies, carbon copies of one another.

Despite the financial troubles, the parents gave their three girls, Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz Hakkak everything they needed, including an education.

But a future would be difficult for girls growing up in a patriarchal country ruled by theocracy where women are threatened by intensified legal discrimination.

Determined to carve out a better life for his daughters, the girl’s dad cashed in his savings and sending them to London, they ditched their hijabs for elegant and modern attire.

“Being born and raised in Iran and coming from a family who are supportive and believed in our decisions was a huge help,” the raven-haired beauties girls said in an interview with Emirates Woman. “They fed our curious, interested and creative souls which has made a great impact on our career journey.”

Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz have been living in London for several years now and in December 2016, they started a joint Instagram account, which now has 337,000 followers that are captivated by their matching styles.

Today, the sisters are established models in the fashion scene, on runways and on social media, taking advantage their identical features and leaning on one another to grow. They also have a combined net worth of $5 million.

“We shared a unique bond growing up, and since we started working together our personal bond has turned into a strong professional one,” the trio shared. “We are very family oriented and our business success is based on how close we are as family. It has really taught us to be good communicators, have a better understanding of each others’ needs, and encourage each other to achieve our goals.”

When asked what advice they would offer someone who’s trying to become an influencer, the girls answered, “Find what you are good at and be a voice; there is room for everyone who knows what they truly want. Give love, work persistently and always seek improvement.”

Though the situation in Iran is improving for women, it’s sad to know that many still feel they have to flee to grow without punishment.

We’re happy that Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz Hakkak are doing so well and we wish them continued success!