Meth addict turns his life around in recovery – gives an interview that has people shocked

Addiction is never easy. While the addict suffers, so do their family and friends. However, sometimes, people are able to turn their lives around in a way that you never expected.

This is one such story of hope. Keep reading to know how a man that was written off by society, managed to change his life.

A young 23-year-old named Sid was interviewed while he was in the throes of a crystal meth and fentanyl addiction. He appeared in front of the camera, incredibly underweight, with animated movements that seemed involuntary. He is accompanied in the interview with his partner, Max. Who similarly is an addict.

When the interviewer asks Sid about his childhood, he reveals that he had a wonderful childhood and that while everyone in the world had written him off, his parents still had not done so.

He shared how he had begun to use drugs early on due to curiosity and idolizing punk rockers such as GG Allin and Sid Vicious. He took heroin because he thought it was the ‘punk rock’ thing to do and said that now he was ‘stuck.’ He first tried crystal meth at 13 years old.


The couple share how they have been homeless for a while, squatting in alleyways or even bushes at times. In terms of what he ate, he shared that, at times, he even found food in the trash. He shared how he had tried to get sober a few times, even spending time in rehab facilities, but he had not wanted to get clean himself, and hence, it never stuck.

Even as he gave the interview while he was battling addiction, he wanted to impart a message about people like him, “we’re people too.”

Just 7 months later, Sid was completely changed. He has now gotten his act together and is sober. In his newly released sober video, he shares how the last time he was interviewed, he weighed 120 pounds. He shared how he had also overdosed 13 times on his meth and fentanyl addiction.


He shared that a week after his first interview, he almost lost his leg to Group A Strep. His leg had swollen, and he was unable to get up. His mother flew out to California from his native state of Georgia to stay with him in the hospital as he recovered from it. His mother thought this could be a life-changing moment for him, and he felt the same way.

He wanted to reiterate that addiction does not discriminate. In the new interview, he was 24 years old and 30 days completely sober. He shared how the journey to being sober was not easy. He was not able to get into rehab right away and was kicked out of a couple of places.

He also shared how the interview when he was high was how his family found out he was using drugs again. And helped in a way to raise some alarm about his condition.

credit: Soft White Underbelly via YouTube

He added how working out at the gym regularly now, as this was his new obsession. He also shared how he was grateful for the amount of chances he got because he was able to get clean. He has gained a lot of weight and muscle, and looks a lot better than he did before!

He even gave an update on Max, saying while they were not together, they were still close friends. He said that Max was currently doing well as well and in the process of getting sober too.

Now, Sid prides himself on being self-sufficient. He shared in his interview, how he has money in his bank account, food stamps, and other resources. He also stated his desire to one day perhaps work as an addiction counselor and help others who are in similar positions as him.

Sid: 2022 & 2023

This is Sid, 8 months apart.

Posted by Soft White Underbelly on Monday, March 11, 2024

His mother commented on the video, writing an emotional message about the strength of his character: “But his heart, his endurance and resilience are what impresses me the most. Thank you, God, for this young man and all that is ahead of him now. Keep up the good fight day by day. We love you beyond words.”

One person who was surprised by his transformation commented, “Went from looking like a demonic junkie to looking like a hipster tattoo artist on a well balanced diet. Biggest turn around yet. He looks and sounds amazing.”

Another person was in disbelief, they wrote, “No way. I saw this and immediately teared up. You have strangers who rooted for you when they saw that first video, and are still rooting for you now. Awesome work, Sid.”


All in all, it seems like Sid is really worked hard to get to where he is today. He looks totally unrecognizable! We are sending him our very best.

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