Mom called out for "weird" behavior with daughter – leaves the internet divided

Mom called out for “weird” behavior with daughter – leaves the internet divided

These days, whenever you post anything on social media, you’re basically setting yourself up to be scrutinized by people you don’t know across the globe.

It’s a harsh reality for some people, who have gone viral for some of the most innocent, well-meaning things – especially when this involves children.

One parent in particular seems to constantly cop flak for how she behaves with her daughter, and that is Coco Austin – wife of rapper and heavy metal musician, Ice-T.

The 44-year-old mother-of-one recently posted a video on Instagram that has divided the internet – some are harshly slamming the content and deeming it “weird”.

In the video, Austin filmed herself swimming underwater with her 7-year-old daughter, Chanel. As harmless as it was, many fans quickly began commenting on a specific moment that they believed was wrong for Austin and her daughter to do… Kiss each other.

As the pair swam underwater, they pecked on the lips several times, with Austin captioning the video: “Having fun with my Samsung phone, it actually takes great video underwater .. Chanel just loves kissing her mama doesn’t she? She is adorable ..She is my obsession.”

The video has, so far, raked in tens of thousands of likes, and many people took to the comments to praise her as a mother. However, thousands of people also called out the model for acting in an inappropriate way with her daughter.

One person wrote: “The kissing thing is a bit weird, though,” while another added commented: “Um, no.”

Someone else chimed in with: “[…] giving your child a lil kiss on the lip is a loving & a healthy way to show affection…BUT holding the kiss for longer than a sec is too much and goes over the line.”

Others defended her, with one person saying: “Why is this weird? My daughter has done this to me since she was little and continues to do so at 13 years old. Some of you will look for anything to knock someone down. If she’s a loving parent – its weird and too much. If she wasn’t doting enough – her kid isn’t important enough. You sexualize this but not all the nastiness out there in the world.”

Criticism of Austin’s behavior around Chanel is nothing new, as she is constantly dividing the internet. In fact, many people often take to the comments section on her posts to debate whether she’s acting inappropriately – especially when it comes to how she chooses to dress her daughter.

What do you think about Coco Austin’s underwater video? Were people overreacting, or was her behavior reasonable? Let us know in the comments!

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