Mother-in-law lays down rules for baby sitting and young mom is unsure of what to say

Becoming a mother can definitely change a lot of other relationships in a woman’s life. The story we are going to tell today is about a new mother who is unsure of what to do when her mother-in-law makes certain demands.

Keep reading to know more about the situation before making your own decision!

A young mother wrote into an advice column asking for help. The couple had been married for ten years and shared a happy 6-month-old child together. While her husband was from home, she had an office-based job.

Recently, her mother-in-law retired and offered to help out with their baby. Apart from being great with their child, she also pitches in for other housework such as cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes.


But the young mother revealed that recently, her mother-in-law asked them to pay her for spending time with her granddaughter, she was in disbelief at the request, unable to digest that the mother-in-law would ask for money to see her own grandchild.

She mentioned how when she was a child, her grandmother would do babysitting duties for free. She also shared that when she was younger, she babysat her siblings for free as well.


She shared that her husband was on his mother’s side and believed that she deserved to be paid. He pointed out that without her help, they would likely have to hire a stranger to take care of their child, which would end up costing them more anyway.

The young mother was confused as to what to do in this situation and whether she was right in feeling weird about her mother-in-law asking for compensation in return for babysitting her grandchild.


She said none of her friends had ever had an issue like this and hence she was unsure of how to reach. The person responding back in the column merely asked her to have an open conversation with her mother-in-law where she told her all her concerns.

This would open up communication between them and they could reach a mutual point of agreement.

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All in all, what is your take on this? Is the grandmother fair in asking for payment for taking care of her grandchild? Let us know in the comments!