New heartbreaking confession made about Treat Williams' fatal motorcycle accident

New heartbreaking confession made about Treat Williams’ fatal motorcycle accident

Treat Williams’ death was one of the most heartbreaking losses of 2023 so far. The actor died in a tragic motorcycle accident. And as the world still mourns his loss, new details are emerging about the accident.

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Actor Treat Williams was beloved by many. According to his agent, the actor passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was 71 years old. The location for the accident was on Vermont Route 30 just north of Morse Hill Road in Dorset in Vermont.

Williams was driving a 1986 Honda motorcycle and crashed with a Honda Element. The SUV was being driven by 35-year-old Ryan Koss. Initial investigation has shown that Koss signaled a left turn before turning into a parking lot and coming into the path of the bike.


Officials say Williams was unable to avoid the crash and was thrown off his motorcycle. The actor was alive while being airlifted to Albany Medical Center in Albany for treatment but was later pronounced dead.

“Sadly, Treat was killed in a motorcycle crash tonight. It is a tragedy,” Treat’s agent Barry McPherson said in a statement.

Koss was checked for minor injuries at the site of the accident but was not taken to the hospital since they were minor.


Treat Williams was born Richard Treat Williams in Rowayton, Connecticut. He then went to college and studied theater, after which he moved to New York. In New York he got the role of John Travolta’s understudy for Danny Zuko for “Grease.”

The actor’s acting credits show his versatility as a performer. He landed a role in director Milos Forman’s adaptation of the musical “Hair” in 1979. After this he worked with A-list director, Sidney Lumet in his crime drama “Prince of the City.

The actor worked in several popular television movies including the television adaptation for “A Streetcar Named Desire.” He also got parts in TV movies where he played boxer Jack Dempsey and FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover.


Ryan Koss was charged with grossly negligent operation with death resulting from the crash. Now Koss has released a statement through his attorney, Ian Carleton.

The statement read, “I am devastated by Mr. Williams’s tragic passing,” Koss said in his statement, obtained by US Weekly. “I have known Treat for years, both as a member of this tight-knit community and fellow theater maker. I considered him a friend. I know his family feels his sudden loss even more deeply than I do, and I offer my sincerest condolences to them.”

According to reports, Koss is the managing creative director of the Dorset Theatre Festival, which Williams had been involved with in the past. Koss voluntarily met with troopers last week to be processed and released. He has been asked to appear for arraignment on September 25.

“I have never experienced this kind of grief before, so it’s hard to put my thoughts into words, but I’ll try my best for now. I have been home with my family in Vermont for a month now, but it feels like just yesterday that I frantically got on a plane home after I got that phone call,” Williams’ daughter Ellie wrote on social media.


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