Nicole Kidman stuns Keith Urban during his concert by calling herself ‘Nicole Urban’

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are practically Australia’s royal couple with the amount of clout they have both in their home country Australia and adopted country America!

The country singer married the Hollywood actress in 2006 and they seem to be incredibly happy.

When the couple married in 2006, they seemed like soulmates. But since then, Keith Urban has opened up about his struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse.


He shared that only a year after they got married, Nicole Kidman had to stage an intervention with the help of a few friends to get Keith to accept help. This is when the country singer checked himself into the Betty Ford Center in California in October 2006 and in January 2007 announced that he had completed the program.

He is incredibly grateful to his lovely wife for sticking next to him through it all. He even wrote his song “Thank You” in order to thank her for what she has done for him.


Ever since then, the couple has been stronger than ever. The couple is now proud parents to two girls.

They are never one to shy away from expressing their love for one another in public.

And in their latest public interaction, they had a lot of hearts melting. During Keith Urban’s concert in Las Vegas, the singer’s beloved wife made a guest appearance. During his performance at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, his wife made an appearance on stage to give her husband a kiss.

“What’s your name? Where are you from?” the singer asked his wife as a joke. What she replied with was something was probably was not expecting at all. She said her name was “Nicole Urban,” which shocked Keith in the best possible way.

He says to her announcing her name as Nicole Urban, “Oh cool!”

She then reveals with a smile the real reason behind her being on stage, “I wanna get your jacket. You put it on the floor,” she says.

“She literally said, ‘Don’t lose that jacket,’ and I’m like, ‘How am I gonna lose the jacket?'” the country superstar joked as the couple searched for the aforementioned jacket on stage.

But luckily, the couple found the jacket with Keith Urban’s guitar tech. He helped his wife put on the jacket as she made her way off stage after miming hearts to the audience and waving goodbye.

It was truly a heartwarming moment shared between the two married mega-celebrities.

The couple has gone through their fair share of ups and downs but their commitment to one another seems endearing.

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