People slam bride for ‘ugly’ wedding dress, her brilliant response makes trolls delete comments  

After facing judgement from the online community, a blushing bride from Australia responds to the haters who called her fabulous rose-colored wedding dress “ugly,” “trashy” and “dated.”

Gently warning “anonymous” users that she has receipts and screenshots of cruel comments, the woman claps back in a hilarious video that she dedicates to the “haters of TikTok,” where she exposes the trolls, some who later deleted their posts.

Keep reading to learn more about her brilliant response!

Forgoing the classic white wedding dress, Sydney’s Camille Lescai decided to walk down the aisle in a show-stopping, floor-sweeping gown, custom designed for about $4,400.

“While preparing for the big day, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted my dress to make a statement,” said Lescai, who was 31 at the time of her November 2022 wedding. “The color pink is a big part of my personality…”

Shaking up tradition, Lescai then asked her mom, the bridal party and guests to wear white – the color usually reserved for the bride – and kept her pink dress a secret until the ceremony when she made her big reveal.

Sharing her reveal video on TikTok, users can see the bridal party, and her mom, gushing over the gorgeous gown, flitting rose-colored organza flowing from her body to the ground.

Lescai explains she posted the clip for her 300 followers, who are mostly family and friends.

“I woke up to a huge number of comments and thousands of views, with the video receiving 4.7 million views so far. I had gone viral – but for all the wrong reasons. A ton of people were writing negative comments to say they hated the dress,” she said, explaining that the attention was unexpected. “Scrolling through the comments on my TikTok video, I saw a number of people saying they thought my dress was ‘ugly,’ while some people compared the organza skirt to toilet tissue.”

Overwhelmed by the negativity, Lescai, who says “I’m not an influencer,” was puzzled why so many people had an opinion on what she was wearing to her wedding.

“I didn’t want to let these comments bother me, because I love my dress, and did not want this ordeal to change my perception of it.”

Calling out the bullies

Having experienced low self confidence in the past, Lescai said she was concerned about the “potential unintended consequences that the hate might create.”

 Rallying for herself, and for the young women who told her they want to get married in a dress just like hers, Lescai adds “I couldn’t help but think of what reading the comments would make them feel.”

Lescai found a way to take the power away from the cyber bullies, who mostly had anonymous usernames. “It gave them a level of anonymity, and I felt that people were trying to tear me down in a way that they probably wouldn’t to my face.” She continues, “Being anonymous makes people think they can skulk in the shadows, write nasty things to tear people down, and then just disappear, but sunlight can be the best disinfectant.”

Her sunlight came in the form of a comical comeback, facing the trolls head on in a video, where she’s proudly seen wearing her rose dress, which is a testament and a statement to the confidence she’s worked hard to build.

“If you make nasty comments online, you should expect to be held to account. This was my way of taking the power back,” she said, adding she has “receipts and screenshots” of messages that were deleted after her now viral comeback.

Responding to the online trolls who accused her of trying too hard, Lescai says, “I’m sorry for trying too hard on my wedding day.”

To another netizen, who wrote “A very big no,” Lescai answers “I’ll put that down as your RSVP then, shall I?”

One user named Anthony could not have expected her addressing his comment: “If I was the groom, I’d be embarrassed if she came in looking like a Pepto Bismol dry rub. She would not be getting married that day.”

“Don’t worry, Anthony, I don’t think it would work out between us anyway,” she quips.

Unlike the trolls hiding behind their screens, the majority of cyber fans were identifiable and openly praised Lescai for her courage in breaking tradition with her dazzling pink gown.

“I love, love, love it and the more I see you in the dress the more I love it. It’s good to be yourself congrats again to you both,” writes one. A second shares, “I admire your courage and strong sense of self to pick a dress that goes against ‘tradition.’ Be You, not follow the pack. BRAVO.”

Meanwhile, others spoke out in solidarity for the beautiful bride.

“I wore a red wedding dress for my big day! Red has always been my favorite color and I felt so amazing in it!” shares one. Another cybernaut writes, “Do you boo, my wedding dress was black. It’s your special day to do as you please, these sideliners are just bitter and miserable.”

A third adds, “I wore a pink dress on my wedding day as well – I felt beautiful and like myself. You glow in that dress – it’s gorgeous, and so are you!”

Despite the unsolicited judgements, Lescai appreciates the love, and is very happy with her decision. Recently, she celebrated her one-year anniversary with her doting husband, who appears to have also loved her dress.

“I’m not a particularly traditional person, so while I understand why people want to go for a more traditional wedding look, I don’t think I would have felt like myself wearing anything else.…my wedding day was phenomenal – I had the best day and loved my dress,” Lescai said.

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