Students raise over $170,000 for 80-year-old who had to 'unretire' to make ends meet

Students raise over $170,000 for 80-year-old who had to ‘unretire’ to make ends meet

Retirement should not be a privilege but a right for everyone. This is exactly what a group of young students believed as well. So when they saw the school’s janitor working even at his advanced age, they knew they had to act…

This story is a solid reminder about why it is important to be empathetic and to look out for one another.

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An 80-year-old janitor in Callisburg, Texas had to ‘unretire’ in order to continue living. Mr. James who works as a janitor at Callisburg High School apparently had to end his retirement and join the workforce again in order to afford his monthly rent.

According to a GoFundMe, Mr. James took back his retirement to be able to afford his rent which had apparently increased. The students at the school wanted to help him retire again by raising funds to help his financial situation.


Mr. James’ rent was increased by $400 per month which meant he had to join the workforce again to get an income and to continue being able to afford his home.

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Three students heard his story and were compelled to help him. This prompted them to launch the GoFundMe campaign with the original goal set at $10,000. The goal however, was quickly surpassed.

“When we told him, he was kind of like, ‘dang, that’s alright!’,” said high school senior Marti Yousko.

“Nobody deserves to work their whole life. They deserve to enjoy everything,” said student Greyson Thurman, who started the campaign.

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As of yesterday, Callisburg ISD confirmed that Mr. James is still employed at the school and has yet to mention anything about quitting. Mr. James declined interview requests but approved that his story may be shared with people.

Honestly, these young people are incredibly inspiring. They have done something incredibly kind for the school janitor, something he will probably never forget!

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