Teenager flips more than 5 times in speeding car, says Jesus saved him from death

Having a loved one involved in an accident is perhaps one of the scariest things you can go through. We always pray that such a fate does not befall anyone we care about.

As a parent, the scariest thing for you to imagine is any harm coming to your child. These parents to a teenager in Indiana perhaps lived through their greatest nightmare very recently…

Jaydon Ray’s first First Day and last First Day of school. I’m one blessed momma. Have a great Senior Year Jaydon! I’m so proud of you.

Posted by Amber Lavengood on Monday, August 9, 2021

Ray along with his cousin and friend was fixing up a red sedan in the summer of 2021. Once the three boys were satisfied with the job they had done, they decided to test out the car.

Ray’s friend drove, while he sat in the passenger seat, and his cousin occupied the backseat. The young boys drove their way around the north of Sweetser in rural Indiana.

The road they were driving on was quite bumpy, Ray’s friend who was driving hit the accelerator only for it to backfire. Unable to control the car, it hit into a pole, after which it somersaulted over five times, before it finally halted to a stop in a nearby yard.

I want to thank our community, first responders, and everyone who was praying. God is good. It’s a miracle they are all alive. My son is recovering.

Posted by Amber Lavengood on Friday, August 20, 2021

Ray was somehow conscious during the entire ordeal. Once the car finally came to a stop, he managed to get out of the totaled wreckage and went around the back to help his cousin out of the backseat.

He then focused his attention on his friend who had been driving the car but felt too weak to carry on. Instead he laid down on the grass, hoping someone would rescue them soon.

“I thought I was dead,” he later recalled.

Soon the wreckage was discovered and the boys’ families were alerted. Ray’s mother Amber Lavengood, who is a trained nurse received the shocking news of her son’s accident.

She was expecting the worse before she reached the location of the accident but did not lose faith. She asked her mother to pray, she recalls saying, “Mom, please pray, not my baby.”


18 years ago, an amazing baby boy was born and I got blessed to be called his Momma. Thank you to my village for 18 years of prayers and love….. God has blessed us with an amazing young man

Posted by Amber Lavengood on Sunday, September 12, 2021

When Lavengood got to the site of the accident, she immediately ran toward her teenager who was lying next to the wreckage. Her trained eye as a nurse went about finding any injuries her son sustained. Ray immediately said to her, “I’m okay. Jesus saved me,” complaining of pain only in his back and neck.

But in her professional assessment, she felt his arm was injured too and she waited for the firefighters to get Ray’s friend out of the driver’s seat before she asked them to transport her son to the nearest hospital so he could recieve care.

As she waited for her son to be assessed by doctors and get tests done, she braced herself to find out about his numerous injuries. But instead, she was shocked to find out that Ray had no serious injuries at all; just a few minor scratches. Meanwhile his friend and cousin did not fare as well and had multiple broken bones.

Doctors discharged Ray on the same night and he slept in his own bed. His mother recalls the entire thing as, “unbelievable.”

Two weeks after the accident, no one would even have been able to tell about Ray being in an accident. His friend and cousin also recovered beautifully and in no time at all.

Ray could have lost his life just a few days shy of his 18th birthday but somehow survived. He has since then confessed that he has started praying more often as the entire ordeal brought him closer to God.

Ray’s story is a gentle reminder about everyday miracles. An accident that should have left him dead or perhaps even with some serious injuries barely scratched him.

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