Woman celebrates 114th birthday with 97-year-old primary caregiver sister – last 2 left of 20 siblings left

As children, we love to celebrate our birthdays. But as adults, we often lose that sense of joy and wonder. But those around us want to celebrate our big days.

This woman just made it to her 114th birthday, and her family especially her little sister wanted to make sure she was celebrated!

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Nina Willis turned 114 years old on her birthday this Saturday. This is no small feat considering only a handful of people in the world are able to live this long!

Nina’s family is one who honors their elders often. They treat them with dignity and respect hence she is always surrounded by her loved ones. Her little sister Piccola is her primary caregiver. Piccola herself is 97 years old!

“They mean the world to me. I just love them both,” niece Beverly Frazier said.

Another relative chimed in what a joy Nina was by saying, “She makes me laugh a lot, and just brings joy to my heart.” 

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Both sisters live together and have spent most of their lives in their home state of Georgia. But when they started out, it wasn’t just the two of them. In fact, Nina and Piccola were just two of twenty siblings!

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her,” Piccola said happily, adding, “she’s my pride and joy. I intend to take care of her if she don’t outlive me.”


Willis might be the oldest resident of her state. And while she has been bedridden for a while, she is happy to be alive!

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Despite being in bed, she is mentally agile and quick to make conversations and remarks with everyone!

Before she moved to Atlanta in 1947, she worked on a farm with the rest of her siblings.

Her niece Fraizer recalls that even when Nina turned 100 years old, she was as sharp as a tack! “Still reading the newspaper, no glasses, reading the newspaper, we’d be sitting here and she’d be looking out the window and see a plane up in the air, and I’m like, ‘Where?’” Fraizer said.

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Piccola shared the reason for the sisters’ long lives, she said, “Doing the right thing. Treating people right.”

The family believes their love and respect for one another is also a reason for their long lives! “They’re just loving and caring people who love each other and love God,” Frazier told the media.

What a lovely family! We want to wish Nina Willis a very happy birthday!

Please join us in sending Nina Willis some birthday wishes and prayers for a longer and healthy life.