Woman excluded from fancy dinner by in-laws who assume she didn’t know ‘how to eat’

A 26-year-old woman explained to Redditors how she’ll never be good enough for her husband’s family, who continue to humiliate her.

Most recently, she was vacationing with the family when she was excluded from dinner at a “fancy restaurant” because, according to her in-laws, she doesn’t know “how to eat.”

When her husband told her to have dinner alone at the hotel, she was pushed to her breaking point and snapped back with a response the family will never forget.

A 26-year-old woman shared on Reddit that she’s spent years trying to fit in with the arrogant in-laws who suggest she’s “ignorant” for being “lower class.”

The author, who comes from a modest family, is accused by her “snobby” mother-in-law (MIL) as having no “etiquette.”

In mid-2023, the original poster (OP) explained that her husband “literally begged” his family to bring his wife along on vacation, usually reserved for immediate blood relatives. “This isn’t just with me, my [brother-in-law’s] girlfriend wasn’t invited as well,” she says.

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The OP then says after arriving at the hotel, the trip quickly went sour when she was excluded from joining the family for dinner at a “fancy restaurant.”

“My husband avoided telling me. And I learned it last minute after he [was] already dressed. I asked where he was going, and he said he and his family were going to eat out, but I wasn’t invited.”

Not clarifying what type of cuisine was involved, the author says she was surprised her husband excused his behavior by saying it was his mother who had no confidence in her “etiquette.” “His mom ‘assumed’ that since I wouldn’t be familiar with the food and ‘how to eat it’ there at the restaurant, [that] it’s better for me to stay in and eat at the hotel.”

Her brilliant response

Refusing to argue, the OP instead let her husband join his family and wished them a nice dinner.

“Then I packed and took the first flight home,” she said.

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After dinner was over, the woman’s husband returned back to the hotel room, and discovered she was gone.

“He freaked out and called many times, and when he found out that I went home, he blew up and called me ridiculous and irrational to do this.” Her post continues, “Even said that I acted in an ungrateful manner and embarrassed him in front of his family after he literally begged to have me go on the trip.”

Unfortunately, after he returned home, the situation did not improve. He’s been giving her the “silent treatment,” and his family also joined the battle, “indirectly criticizing me on Facebook about what I did.”

Begging Redditors for some advice, the woman asks, “Did I [overreact]?”

Validating the OP’s decision to fly home, the Reddit community rallied in her favor and offered her emotional support.

One writes, “How do you eat such food. Easy. You put it in your mouth, chew and swallow. The whole family is just so pretentious and classless. They have no manners and honest to god, I see them as pieces of garbage.”

“Family is incredibly snobbish and husband is either toxic or has no backbone or both,” shares a second.

Meanwhile, a third netizen adds, “I remember someone once telling me the whole point of manners is to make people comfortable and ease social interactions. Your in-laws and husband seem incredibly lacking here and grossly disrespectful.” The comment continues, “I honestly hurt for you just reading that. Seriously consider ending this relationship.”

Other cyber fans agreed with the suggestion of her leaving their husband. “I don’t know why OP didn’t get home and continue packing and leaving. Your spouse is supposed to have your back. This guy couldn’t even manage standing up for OP over dinner.”


How would you have handled this situation if you were the author?

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