Woman kicks out lazy husband and son, tells son he can only return if he signs contract

A woman who’s tired of playing maid to her lazy husband and 13-year-old son made a statement by kicking the pair out of the home, right before Christmas.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman says she’s had enough of her husband, whom she calls a “man child” and their son, who’s picked up all of his dad’s bad habits.

And when her son repeatedly called and begged to return home, she insisted the boy sign a contract.

In a now deleted post from December 21, a 38-year-old woman went on Reddit, sharing her story on how she’s had enough of her lazy husband.

Sharing two kids with the 41-year-old man – Tim, 13, and Rachel, 15 – the woman explains that “since forever” she’s begged him for help “but he continues to be a lazy man child.”

“He does the bare minimum when I force him and that’s it,” the author shares, adding that the father is a huge influence on their son. “Not doing his chores, not cleaning up his messes and expecting his sister to cater him. Hubby is enabling him and secretly overrules me when I punish Tim. We had more than one argument because of their laziness.”

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As the holidays rolled around, the original poster (OP) was readying for Christmas, cleaning the home and out shopping with her daughter, Rachel.

The day before she wrote the post on Reddit, the author explains that she bumped into a friend from work and invited her and her boyfriend over for a quick holiday visit.

Since she was traveling back home with Rachel and her friends, she was unable to tidy the home.

“So, I called my husband and asked him and Tim to clean the house asap because I will bring guests. When we arrived home nearly two hours later the house was a mess.” She continues, “I never felt so embarrassed in my life. My friend smiled and downplayed it as normal, but I was able to see the looks she exchanged with her [boyfriend]. We chatted for 20 minutes after I cleaned the living room a bit and then they left.”

Banned from Christmas

“I finally had enough. I told both hubby and Tim to get the f— out of my house and don’t come back until they learn to respect me and be helpful around the house.”

Fighting for his case to stay, the couple then had “a bad argument,” but “in the end they gave up and left.”

While her husband went silent after the exit, the OP says her son called multiple times from the motel, begging her to let him back in.

Refusing to give in, she writes “I told him he can ask me in 2024 again and I might consider it. They are banned for Christmas (family will gather in my house this year) and New Year’s Eve. Tim will then return, hubby I am not sure yet.”

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While Redditors agreed with her booting out the husband, many disagreed with her decision to send her son with him.

One netizen writes, “Kicking a 13-year-old out right before Christmas? Don’t punish him because your husband is teaching him poor life lessons.” A second shares, “Kicking out your 13-year-old son is just absolutely wild behavior. You might easily have permanently damaged your relationship with him.”

A third cybernaut writes, “Tim is 13. If you want him to learn better than why on earth, did you send him with the person encouraging this.”

Firmly addressing the situation where Tim will be as influenced by this incident as he is by his lazy father, a fourth user shares, “You married this man. You take responsibility for the marriage and if it’s not working, then you kick out hubby. What you don’t do is send a very clear message to your child that if he doesn’t please you then you don’t want him.”

But not everyone thought she was wrong for teaching Tim a harsh lesson. Defending her decision, some users reminded the harsh online critics that Tim was with his father, a somewhat responsible adult.

“I could understand how people are hesitant because you told your son to go too, but you didn’t throw him out on the street by himself. He went with his father. If Tim doesn’t like living in a pigsty, I guess he needs to learn to pitch in and help.” The cyber fan continues in the comment, “The sad fact is Tim needs to also learn that he doesn’t get to sit around while the women in his life cater to him. Good on you OP.”

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Shortly after, the author offers an update to Redditors. “I picked my son up from the hotel in the early morning (he couldn’t wait lol). I apologized for throwing him out but explained my reasoning to him.” The OP then explains she asked him to sign a contract, agreeing to complete all the chores listed. “He signed the paper and promised to do better from now on. I am happy to have him back.”

Her husband, however, was left behind. “He can stay away for a while, and I will have the time to think about our relationship.”

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