Woman lied to her family about being pregnant – she wanted to ‘protect’ her husband

The blessing of a baby is not always an easy feat. For some couples, it can be a challenge. However, for this couple, things were quite complicated. While the couple could conceive a child together, the truth of it was something they did not want people to know…

Keep reading to know why this woman lied to her family…

A young couple really wanted to start a family, but the wife was incredibly scared of being pregnant and giving birth.

Since the husband was a transgender man, he could biologically carry their child. He stopped taking testosterone for a while to prepare to have a child. However, her family was unaware that her husband was a transgender man.

So they had decided to hide the pregnancy from them and later on tell them they adopted the child. However, as most young couples are, they were also excited about the pregnancy. Her husband posted a picture of the ultrasound online, unaware that his wife’s sister followed him on his account. She saw the ultrasound and told her entire family the news.


Since her family was transphobic and homophobic, the wife was in a predicament; she could not afford to out her husband. The first few months of the pregnancy, she would allow her family to visit her. Ahead of their arrival, she would eat big meals and bloat herself to the point of discomfort just so she ‘looked pregnant.’

By the six-month mark in their pregnancy, her family remarked how small she looked despite being pregnant. After that, she decided to avoid seeing them completely. She turned down all offers for baby showers, gender reveal parties, and more. She wrote, “luckily my family lives one hour away and we all lead busy lives.”

It was unlikely they would ever drop by unannounced and the one time they did do that, she and her husband had been out of the house. When they did Facetime her, she made sure to lie in bed and pretend she was sick.


Her family just assumed she had a tough pregnancy. After her husband had given birth, he went back on testosterone. A year later, they were a perfectly happy family, and everyone loved their little girl.

But then things took a drastic turn. After she had a fight with her friend, things turned nasty. The friend made a group with her entire family and decided to tell them the entire truth about her husband being a transman. The friend then left the group and blocked the couple.

As soon as the family found out, they were livid. Her mother drove to their home in a ‘transphobic rage’ and beat the door down. Fearing for their safety after that day, the couple decided to move. But they still received hateful messages from not just the wife’s parents but her siblings, uncles, cousins, and more!


When she narrated the story to another friend, she pointed out that the couple should have never lied to their family in order to save themselves from the heartache. The wife was also unhappy with how everything played out and wished it had ended differently. The entire story was narrated in a video by iGeeStatus.

Now, she is wondering whether she did the right thing in deceiving her family. A lot of people were of the thinking that the couple did the right thing given the circumstances of having a transphobic family. In an update about their lives, she revealed that the couple had moved to a home 3 hours ago. They were safe and happy.

She also gave an update about the friend who outed them to the family had passed away. The couple had a hard time dealing with the loss of their friend despite everything she put them through.

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The story is very interesting and definitely could have people on both sides of the argument. What do think? Was it wise to lie to their family? Let us know in the comments!