He Cuts A Raw Potato In Half. Minutes Later? Every BBQ Lover Should Know This Clever Secret.

When it comes to food, I think that nothing can beat the smell of a barbecue in the summer. I think that most of you may already have pulled out the barbecue gear and that’s why I think this hack will be perfect. All of us have been. You know, when fish or cheese get stuck on the grill? It can get pretty messy to scrub it off and also the food may get ruined. But now you have this hack! In the video below you can watch how to do it. Everything will be so much easier. If you don’t have a potato you can use an onion instead. The natural starch on the potato starts to extract on the heated grill and is what helps foods stay nice and clean on the grill – especially fish, chicken, or similar foods. Fell free to share your barbecue hacks in the comments!

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