14 cats that prove they absolutely don’t give a darn

Cats are amazing animals, but they don’t always listen to their owners (or anyone else for that matter).

It doesn’t matter what you’ve got planned — an elegant dinner for your closest friends, an afternoon baking homemade pies, or a relaxing evening putting together a puzzle — when your cat isn’t in the mood, it’s not going to cooperate.

And regardless of what anyone (or any dog) thinks, cats are always in charge. They get to pick the spot where they nap or groom themselves, and ain’t nobody gonna say otherwise.

But isn’t that kind of why we love cats anyway? Here’s to the loners, the independent ones, and the cats who live life on their own terms (and hopefully give us a cuddle, too!).

Scroll down to meet 14 cats who don’t give a damn!

1. “Top one’s taken. You’re gonna have to slide out the next one down…”

cat store
© dzzh

2. Guess we know who the boss in this family is!

cat bed
© Malene Smidth

3. This is one is one tough cat!

cat and dogs

4. “Looks like he’s finally building me the litter box of my dreams!”

cat cement
© Bancer705

5. When opportunity knocks, take the door with you and you’ll always get a second chance.

cat door
© Anna987

6. “This doesn’t change who’s boss.”

cat mouth
© CarlRaygun

7. This cat doesn’t care about your problems.

cat toilet
© Slothkitty

8. Piggy back ride!

cat wild boar
© enjoyaberry

9. What an elegant centerpiece!

cat centerpiece
© falc0nwing

10. “He didn’t look like he needed it.”

church cat
© revkatebottley

11. “Umm… Lemme fix this picture.”

cat drinking
© Instagram

12. “Now it’s perfect!”

cat pie

13. When sleep is more important that your dad’s lunch…

pizza cat
© allywarner

14. Taking this puzzle to expert level!

cat puzzle
© Musal

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