Devastating: dog dies of a ‘broken heart’ after being abandoned in an airport and left all alone

All pets deserve a good home, a loving family, and a shelter to keep them form the elements. While sometimes, families will have to give up their pets, it’s important that they do it in a responsible way: this means taking them to a shelter and making sure that they have everything they need to survive while they look for a new home.

Unfortunately for one precious pup, being unceremoniously dumped meant her demise.

A dog nicknamed ‘Nube Viajera’ (translated to ‘Traveling Cloud’) was abandoned at Colombia’s Bucaramanga Airport. She was reportedly so distraught that she wandered around the large airport for a month, in search of her owners, while refusing to eat or drink.

Dog Dies of a Broken HeartEver watched the movie Hachiko? Well his story is rather similar to the events that happened…

Posted by MixFM, Fiji's Best Mix on Tuesday, 28 November 2017

She was growing weaker by the day.

Anyone walking by could tell that she was upset. They tried to help, but nothing could be done.

That’s when a vet was called in to the airport.

Under the vet’s care, she received she an intravenous drip for fluids and nutrients, but unfortunately, it was too little too late for this pup.

A dog who was abandoned by her owner at an airport has died of a “broken heart”.The dog, called “Nube Viajera” or…

Posted by Ola Joey on Saturday, 18 November 2017

She was so weak and heartbroken after being abandoned that she succumbed and passed away.

It makes us incredibly sad that, while she received care at the end of her life, she spend her last moments on Earth in pain and pining for owners who clearly didn’t care about her.

RIP sweet girl. We hope that every pet owner will give their furry friends a big hug today. Animals love us as much as we love them and they are so loyal to us. We should return that kind of loyalty. Please share if you agree!


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