He Became Homeless And Had To Leave His Dog Away. But One Year Later They Meet Again And It’s Just Beautiful.

A man in Missouri, USA, lost both his job and his home during a tough time last year. But his greatest grief was that he wasn’t able to take care of his dog anymore. When he couldn’t afford to buy food, he left his beloved friend at the Great Plains SPCA No Kill Shelter.

3-year-old Reece is a mixed-breed of boxer and greyhound. He was put up for adoption and was later adapted to a new family. However, it didn’t work out and Reece had to move back to the animal shelter. After another failed adoption attempt, it didn’t look to good for Reece.

But then, something amazing happened. Reece’s original owner was back on his feet with a new work as well as a new home. He immediately spoke to the animal shelter to find out if Reece was still there. And he was!

The staff at the shelter filmed their beautiful reunion and posted it on Facebook. The video went viral has been viewed by thousands of people. Even though it had been a year, Reece recognized his owner immediately!

Almost a year ago, this man fell on hard times and lost his job and house and had to give up his best friend, Reece. Things turned around for him recently and he just happened to look on our website and saw Reece was still at our Independence Campus, waiting. We were able to reunite them, and needless to say, they both were ecstatic to be together again. Keeping families together – just one of the reasons #whywerescue.

Posted by Great Plains SPCA on den 27 juli 2015

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