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Some Think It’s Cute When A Dog Does THIS. But It Can Be Fatal!

Have you ever seen a dog or cat presses his head against the wall? While at first glance it might appear as cute or quirky, it could in fact be the sign of something very dangerous.

“Head pressing” is a term used to describe the behavior of an animal when it presses its head against a wall or the floor. When an animal does that, it may be their attempt at trying to reduce pain that they feels.



There are several reasons that an animal may behave like this. These include neurological disorders, a liver problem, or poisoning due to damaged liver.



If your cat or dog begins to do this frequently, it is very important to take your pet to a veterinarian immediately, who will examine it to find the cause. This also applies to other animals such as cows, horses and goats.



Other behaviors that may be dangerous is if the animal goes in circles, has seizures, or appears visual impaired.



Keep an eye on your pets, noting any of the above described behaviors. Animals don’t speak human language, so this is their way to show when they are not feeling well.



Knowing this can save lives, so please share forward this to everyone you know that owns a pet!


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