The Baby Deer Won’t Leave The Man Who Saved Her. What He Then Does For Her Absolutely Warms My Heart!

Darius Sasnauskas had the rare opportunity to witness the birth of two small deer in his backyard, near Yellowstone National Park in the United State Sadly, one of the two fawns appeared to have an injured leg. The mom eventually had to leave her behind as she could not keep up with the rest of the family. The mother never returned. “With so many predators around, she had no chance to survive on her own,” Darius writes on YouTube. And that was the beginning of this amazing tale. See more below.

Darius decided to take the baby deer home.

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“I do not support keeping wild animals as a pets, but this was special situation,” he writes.

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Darius sheltered and cared for the fawn for some time. He assembled a little bed for her and fed her every four hours. She eventually fully recovered from her injury.

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While skeptical at first, Darius’ other pets eventually accepted their new roommate. As a matter of fact, one of Darius’ dogs, Mack, took quite the liking to her and eventually took on a wonderful fatherly role with the little deer.

“He was a very good dad, always kept a close eye and didn’t let her wander off,” Darius writes.

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With time, the fawn grew stronger and stronger. Despite the powerful bond between Mack and the fawn, it was time to find her real mom.

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Darius began searching the wild for her mother.

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Meanwhile the bond between Mack and the fawn grew even stronger. They were extremely attached.

“They loved each other, but we needed to find the real mom,” writes Darius.


Darius eventually located the fawn’s mother and the wild family was once again reunited. Their reunion is unfortunately not included in the video, but I can just imagine how touching it was.

Watch the incredible full story in the video below:

I have so much respect for what Darius did for this adorable fawn, and think he deserves to have her wonderful tale shared all over the world.

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