These workers find a dog with broken legs on railway – thanks to their decision, he’s rescued

The strength and survival instincts of animals is something that has long fascinated me. When humans face severe adversity, they may fall into shock or find themselves helpless to handle themselves. Meanwhile, it seems to me that animals have this innate ability to stay calm – and fight for survival.

A great example of this is a dog named Deepak. Deepak was run over by a train, resulting in losing his legs. Facing imminent death, the poor creature remained calm and waited for help… which thankfully came. Heroic animal friends discovered Deepak, rescued him – and promptly put him on the road to recovery.

The heroes that discovered Deepak were carpenters working nearby. When they found Deepak, they could see that three out of four of his legs had been crushed. They had low expectations for his survival.

Still, despite how few chances the dog had to survive his injuries, these heroes decided to take action. They contacted a local animal welfare organization, Animal Aid, and rescuers were soon on their way to help Deepak. It was immediately obvious that the dog was in great need of surgery.

He underwent an extensive 5-hour surgery – and Deepak was a little champ. The dog is now on his way to recovery. Despite losing his legs, he is alive and well.

WARNING: Video contains strong images.

Deepak is not just a lucky dog who thankfully got to live, he’s a hero who survived what many could not have.

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